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  1. Haven't played D&D in a long time (i.e. since about freshman year of high school) - but listening over the past year and a half to Nerd Poker has really, really made me want to jump in again. Anyone else? I'm based in NYC, Brooklyn specifically, but anywhere within the 5 boroughs should be doable. Also happy to join an ongoing game if someone will have me, but more hoping that folks can respond here if they're in a similar boat.
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    Questions for Sark

    What was with the abandoned NASA spaceship on the Gas Planet, with the US flag on it? Did the Old Man have any backstory/background we didn't get to? What, exactly, was his plan? (I feel like we saw bits and pieces of it, but never quite the whole thing in total - which makes sense, it's unlikely our heroes would either.) Do the Collectors predate the Old Man, or did he create them? WTF was with the dead planet/tower of corpses? Were our heroes all from different lands on the same planet, or from different planets? (It seemed the former at the start of the campaign, maybe the latter by the end.) If from different planets, how'd they end up on the same cruise ship? Did those weirdo fart sharks at the bottom of the Gas Planet know anything more than they let on? Under normal circumstances (i.e. not being turned into a Giant Baby), would fighting the Old Man, even with a crew of a dozen or so hard-bitten adventurers, basically have been a death sentence? I'm recalling fighting the Water Elemental, which after hundreds and hundreds of HP drained was still not yet 'bloodied.' Will we ever get an epilogue of what happened to the Mildred Clone? And finally, thank you thank you THANK YOU for putting together such an awesome storyline and campaign! Wouldn't be asking so many questions on odds and ends if it weren't super-engaging and well-told.