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    Episode 102 — Tango & Cash

    I don't think when Russell called Stalone "tripod" he was saying he had a big dick, I think he was saying his balls were sagging. Sly comes back with saying "one day the other one will drop" to Russell, in keeping with the ball-based insult theme.
  2. flank

    The Wizard (1989)

    I've watched this movie too many times, and while this is a massive wtf, I think (and I'm being generous here) that we're supposed to assume she acquired this info from the video game training montage where she calls up the Nintendo game tips place and apparently has the guy on the phone for a couple of hours. Granted, the game hadn't been released yet, but mayhaps she cajoled some choice tips out of him. Those guys would have to get advanced copies of software so they could be on call for gaming montages on release day.
  3. flank

    The Master of Disguise (2002)

    This movie is indeed the perfect target, maybe they could get The Master of The Master of Disguise to call in.
  4. flank

    8 Million Ways to Die (1986)

    Ah, correct, got my Arquettes crossed.
  5. A pretty amazing mid-80's crapfest. I stumbled upon this after watching Out For Justice, the same guy that wrote that also wrote Roadhouse as well as this. Oliver Stone has a writing credit but apparently did everything in his power to have his name removed from the credits to no avail. This is Hal Ashby's last film witch is kind of sad. Jeff Bridges stumbling and stammering drunk, Patricia Arquette is the hooker with the heart of gold, a young Andy Garcia does his best with what he was handed as a...drug lord of some sort. A lot of dialog is improv'd and it hurts to listen to it. The big payoff is the climactic scene in the warehouse, I still don't know what the hell happened. It's currently on Netflix, maybe Amazon as well.