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  1. ohwhiskers

    Episode 441 - Your Cousin Marvin

    Such a great episode, especially the last 15 minutes when everyone is losing it... BABY!!!!
  2. ohwhiskers

    Episode 310 β€” Little Button Puss

    This episode back-to-back with "Tony Macaroni" is an amazing combo. Two of the best of the year. John Gemberling saying "No, not as funny as 'hibernation' and 'a blendi-mart blender'. Not as funny as that" in his sarcastic robot voice absolutely killed me. To add to the list of voices Kevin Allison's has been compared to... I couldn't stop hearing Jim Gaffigan.
  3. Jimmy mentioned G.R.L. and today, one of the members committed suicide.
  4. ohwhiskers

    Episode 194 β€” Empty Budweiser Bottle

    I got frustrated at Howard when he said he dragged out his lunch so he could avoid watching GotG. Like, I get that it's part of the charm that he doesn't watch a lot of movies and has these ~uneducated~ opinions on the weekly film chart. But there comes a point where I just want to hear his thoughts on certain movies and he just never ever watches anything. He said GotG and Boyhood are on his radar but I doubt he'll see them (or if he watches Boyhood, he'll be bored because it's too long) Anyway, good episode otherwise. Kumail is always a fun guest.
  5. ohwhiskers

    Episode 9 β€” Hollywood Bowl

    Great episode! I loved hearing the limo convos and Adam S. being a nerd as soon as he appeared. It was also interesting to hear Harris talk about rehab. Hoping for the best for him. At the end, they said this might be the series finale, but as I mentioned in the other thread, Harris tweeted that he and Scott will review the new Phish album in an upcoming Analyze Phish episode.
  6. ohwhiskers

    Hollywood Bowl??

    "Further Analyze Phish news, Scott and I will be recording an analyzation of Phish's new album, Fuego, this weekend." - Harris Wittels !!!!!
  7. ohwhiskers

    Hollywood Bowl??

    I can't believe it's actually here! I'm going to stay up to download it.
  8. ohwhiskers

    CBB Live in Chicago - June 12th!

    He was doing a new character, Ramsey something. I thought he was a bit all over the place but still funny in parts and he was clearly cracking Scott up. But I LOVED James Adomian's standup and the Leykis stuff was gold. I really had a good time and met Horatio Sanz and James Adomian briefly as me and my wife walked to our car (they were having a smoke near the rear stage entrance). It's a shame James Adomian doing Louis CK tucking in Marc Maron won't appear on the podcast because that was amazing.
  9. Haha, it was so exciting for me to hear Scott talk about that, even if they didn't get to it. Adam Scott's audible groan/sigh after Harris' Good Epps joke was hilarious. I literally could listen to Scott & Scott & Harris & PFT fuck around every week for the rest of my life.
  10. Is anyone else going to this show? I bought tickets ages ago but still haven't heard anything about guests. I was hoping for PFT but he has been advertising a Varietopia show in LA on June 13th and it seems unlikely that he would be in Chicago the day before. Show is on Thursday, June 12 @ 7:30p at the Athenaeum Theatre
  11. The funniest moments were when Scott started singing. Also, the WH story was really interesting. There's just something really cool about the Scotts and their wives at the White House. Scott mentioned during his reddit AMA that he liked a supercut I made so I updated it with bits from the new episode
  12. ohwhiskers

    Episode 284 β€” A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour

    The picture of PFT laughing is the most joyous thing ever
  13. I made a 'dicks & buttholes' supercut from all 10 episodes that I hope people enjoy. I love this show so much.