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  1. TheOriginalJBone

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    I love that Tig stopped him from making his plug at the end of the podcast. Sure, he'd already plugged his incredibly attractive sounding website (Seduction.com, ladies. Get on that.) But she flat out stopped him...even though he did it eventually anyway. I notice that he very rarely referred to his techniques as genuine methods of interest. He's not interested in teaching, or talking about, having real conversations with people. Just the illusion of interest so you can get what you want out of someone. So glad Tig, Kyle and Dave gave this guy the gears. They were incredibly polite to someone who did not deserve such courtesy.
  2. TheOriginalJBone

    Episode 188 — Computational Science

    I can't believe it was David requesting the return of no one's favourite game show "Name That Punky". It truly is strange times. Happy New Year to my favourite podcasters! May you all live forever!
  3. TheOriginalJBone

    Episode 183— Breakups

    Listening to David's solo show from back in 2013 and he sounds sad. I guess a lot of people Tweet/comment mean stuff to him. Well, David, here's a nice comment -- Your story about your tough ol' cat moved me to tears. I was doing dishes, listening to the episode and I couldn't even wipe my teary eyes (because of my dishpan hands). What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it. hugs.
  4. TheOriginalJBone

    Episode 180 — Horses

    Such a heart breaking ending. David recalling that quote from Dead Poet's Society was so beautifully said... And in a weird connected coincidence, Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams had been very close friends since their days at Julliard. I don't believe in cosmic coincidence but something was going in the hatch that day.
  5. TheOriginalJBone

    Episode 178 — Books

    I love books! I'm a book hoarder like Jen. But more than anything I love the elephant in the room -- everyone pretending that Olive isn't yelping throughout the podcast! Did anyone take photos of David's burning glares? Kyle's exaggerated "Whattya want me to do?" shrugs? Tig schadeunfrauding the whole situation? Podcasts -- the new theater of the mind.
  6. TheOriginalJBone

    Episode 60 — Quantum Physics

    Haha! Working my way through the shows. David Gish Gallops his way through this episode! In case you don't know what that means it means he spouts off so much junk (starting at 33:00) that almost sounds like science but isn't that the guest, Mr. Reylea doesn't even know what to correct him on first. Fortunately Kyle and Tig are there to save the day. Love you guys.