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    Episode 112 — Red Afro

    I was really hoping the blue giants would be less aggressive. Maybe these two are just dicks? But if they get murderised by Dag, Houg, Winter and Lyra and more rational blue giants find the bodies/catch them in the act (likely taking detailed tracings) then it's just going to be red giant town all over again.
  2. WickedWood

    Episode 111 — Fudge Son

    Everytime somone said 'Gary' I heard: www.youtube.com/embed/6CHVLSY_Hrk I now picture Gary as Gary (Henchman 21... but as Gary, not Henchman 21... Gary)
  3. WickedWood

    Episode 84 — Chevy Chase’s Land Shark

    I got a little too excited when Blaine mentioned the colourful, far-off land, I hope he has some time outside of the game to create some interesting encounters. I agree. Once we had a little more information about the Cathedral to contextualise the ceaseless skeletons I felt content to listen to the action. I think the issue with Blaine’s DMing (if there is one) is that there’s a big difference between telling a story in traditional narrative versus revealing it through gameplay. In retrospect all the little pieces of information Blaine peppered through the ‘campaign’ add up to quite a nice whole: <spoilers> the mind controlled Roc picking up loot laden adventurers, crapping out the shiny stuff, skeletons come collect and take back to the alter for the ritual</spoilers> but everyone except Blaine had no idea that this was happening for the longest of time; even if there were just some clues in those administrative rooms to string us along... That said, I really enjoy listening and, like a lot of other people, I’m here for the Nerd Poker part not the D&D, and the Nerd Poker has been the Nerdiest and Pokeriest it's ever been!
  4. WickedWood

    Episode 76 — On the Run

    The group does suffer from indecision so I can see an open world sandbox resulting in a lot of dead air while everyone waits for someone else to suggest a direction, though I think Gerry coming back will sort this. Having said all that I'm just happy to listen the arbitrary tangents and outbursts that Blaine's DMing creates.