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  1. Newbie by Nature

    Episode 45 — Johnny Pemberton, Our Close Friend

    I had points on the back end
  2. Newbie by Nature

    Episode 44 — Nick Wiger, Our Close Friend

    Any chance of a Hollywood Handbook appearance at Festival Supreme? Even a pre taped appearance would throw some real star power on the whole event. Imagine what a thrill it would be for someone like Jack Black to share a stage with Sean and Hayes and just sort of fan out over what they do.
  3. Newbie by Nature

    Episode 88 — Mr. Nanny: LIVE!

    I felt so embarrassed for the first audience member who asked a question... the "Catered by TV dinners" guy.
  4. Newbie by Nature

    Episode 40 — Aubrey Plaza, Our Close Friend

    Aubry was horrible
  5. Newbie by Nature

    Episode 35 — Mikal Cronin, Our Close Friend

    What up. I signed up because I have something to say and here it is: Hollywood Handbook and the Reality Show Show are my two favorite podcasts. I think Ive heard every ep of the reality show show at least three times and it still cracks my shit up. Grace Helbig explaining how to use a computer in episode 16 is the funniest thing Ive ever heard. Ok this is the end.