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  1. I come back to this episode at least once a month. I think I can safely say it's my favorite episode of any podcast ever. Love you Harris.
  2. Love Asterios, great ep! I fell off my #50pagesaday about three weeks in, started over for November.
  3. Lydia is absolutely one of the best out there, excited to give this a listen!
  4. In tears. What an amazing episode.
  6. sigmalives

    EPISODE 385 — The Beatles of Cults

    Sounds like a great B-B-B-Bonus ep for Thursday?
  7. I mean, I listened to Wayne (happily!) on seven podcasts last week, not including his own. So I'm with Jimmy! I'm still getting through the whole ep but it's great so far!
  8. sigmalives

    EPISODE 383 — Return to Suicide House Part Boo

    Leo Karpatze does it again! Another instant classic!
  9. sigmalives

    EPISODE 383 — Return to Suicide House Part Boo

    It wouldn't be so annoying if there was only one Halloween episode a year, and you could just skip it. Too bad that's not the case, right?
  10. There have been some plugs theme songs that have blown it out of the park recently, but this one fills me with such joy and other emotions I can't process. Bravo!
  11. sigmalives

    EPISODE 382 — Doing It The Savage Way

    I mix up all my Savages.
  12. Was Jon playing air guitar or jerking a ghost?
  13. sigmalives


    US statistics vs International statistics. US Android market share has never been as high as 79%, but it has been the market leader since December, and has steadily rose since, at ~59% in May. However, the Midroll polls show that twice as many listeners listen on an Apple rather than an Android device, and I can't argue with those statistics. I still feel like a good chunk of the market has been ignored to rush this launch. I'm excited for new content once I have access to it on my phone. I hope they launch that soon. I'll put my money where my mouth is once it's there. Until then, I'll horde CBBs and hope I don't get an itch to start U2U2TM over from the beginning again.
  14. sigmalives


    Is there a timeframe on the Android app? I think that should have happened before this launch. We are really being left out in the dark on this one. Even if I were to pay for premium at this time, which I will eventually do, I have no means of listening premium content or archived podcasts at work, which is when 90% of my podcast listening takes place. I think it was a mistake to launch this Premium service before that app was released.
  15. sigmalives

    EPISODE 363 — Wet Hot Crew

    This was a fantastic ep from start to finish, but I came here to give props to the Pdiddy master.
  16. sigmalives

    Questions for Sark

    Not in about 18 months, but I always hope for a return...
  17. sigmalives

    COFFEE PLUGS (Descendents)

    I love the "covers as plug themes" trend, and this is a killer one. Great job man!
  18. sigmalives

    Episode 8 - Into the Singularity

    This is easily my new favorite podcast. This episode was so calming and comfortable, but also funny as hell. Horatio has managed to make the best podcast, especially when it comes to feeling like you're just hanging out with friends.
  19. Need this in mp3 form for my morning commute. Every day.
  20. sigmalives

    The Ol' Plug Segment Rag

    This one is a shoe-in! Or a shoo-in! Who even knows anymore!?
  21. I sure hope mine pops up too. Glad you got yours! I can't figure out any conceivable way to sign in and look at existing orders or your account in the store either. But I definitely have not received a shipping confirmation email. Only an order confirmation.
  22. Still waiting myself. Guess I'll send an email!