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    EPISODE 153 — Farewell...For Now

    Well, Let's just put it back and you convince Mr. Posehn to resurrect the show, and we'll all pretend this never happened.
  2. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 152 — Bowel Semantics

    Just downloaded the new episode. Almost don't want to listen to it and save it for a later date as if that will somehow make the show last.
  3. Obi Wan Disrobi

    Nerd Poker Fan Campaign?

    And, I've never used Roll20, I'd love to see how like/unlike the social aspect of D&D it would be. (I suppose that'd be all up to the participants, though).
  4. Obi Wan Disrobi

    Nerd Poker Fan Campaign?

    Man, I wish I had time to play an extra campaign. I am DMing one and playing in another. My GF would murder me if I added a third. If there's interest down the line, and I end up losing one of my groups, keep me in mind and keep this thread open. I am used to playing 3.5, 3.75 and 5e. Also, I'm in Vancouver, WA. So, again, PST time zone would line up with you all.
  5. Obi Wan Disrobi

    Gerry here. You'll be hearing my stupid voice again soon.

    Damn, good news on both fronts! I dig this Kickstarter campaign, and you can't beat that price. It's doing nothing to curb my Kickstarter addiction, though.
  6. Obi Wan Disrobi

    Nerd Poker Is Ending :(

    Speaking of Hypothetical send-offs, Could Chuck Mangione come in and play you guys out on your last song?
  7. Obi Wan Disrobi

    Nerd Poker Is Ending :(

    Dammit. Well, at least the wandering ends (but I would have preferred the game stay on the air even with that) . I hope they go out on a strong note for the last few episodes. Thanks for they years of entertainment guys!!! All of you have been great and this podcast has meant a lot to me; getting me through some tough times, personally, as well as some majorly boring times at work. Hard to imagine not getting to hear this group week after week. Something I'll have to get used to, I suppose. Seriously though, where the hell am I going to get my Ken fix??? I'll be able to catch Dan, Blaine, Steve and Brian on other things. But when it comes to Ken, am I just going to gave to put the Karate Kid on loop constantly? Dude is funny as hell, and I hope somehow he gets a new podcast I can listen to.
  8. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 149 — Ambassador of Evil

    From Clerks 2, Randal's reenactment of the LoTR Trilogy is the living embodiment of what this "giants land" has become.
  9. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 149 — Ambassador of Evil

    I'm sorry, but no... it wasn't. This has been the same old tired travelling that has been going on for months now. The events of this week's adventure should have been something that transpired in about 5 minutes of decent roleplaying. This never-ending cycle of hostility, zero storyline and what I'm now going to call "the trail of listener's tears", is just beyond stupid. This coming on the heels of weeks of well done gaming with interesting dialogue and characters was a regression that was definitely not needed.
  10. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 146 — Moon Festival Pt. 2

    I believe they record these every two weeks, meaning tomorrow's (10/14/15) episode would have been recorded yesterday (Monday, 10/12). And if you haven't noticed by now, all of this is sorta "seat of their pants" type stuff. And I love your uninformed reply, because that's totally how snarky douche-filled internet comments are made.
  11. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 146 — Moon Festival Pt. 2

    Yes, I want to see Blaine back in as a character. Dan NEEDS to remain at the helm DMing. With all these glowing reviews and enthusiasm, I would hate to see this rejuvenated interest deflate. I think you've really stepped in it now if you try going back to that droning Giant storyline, there's going to be bloody revolt. And just because I don't think I've mentioned, Ken is steadily becoming one of my favorite funny men on the show. He's pretty quiet, but some of the things he sneaks in gives me the biggest laughs.
  12. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 145 — Moon Festival

    I think he's just bored with the lack of direction and zero inspiration. It's been a barren Crayola wasteland of Arby's aftermath for players and listeners alike. If given something to react to that he enjoys, he does perk up.
  13. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 145 — Moon Festival

    I think it was somewhere about... oh yeah... 19!
  14. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 145 — Moon Festival

    Goddammit guys, this isn't Nerd Poker!!! What is this Drow witchcraft??? There's actual NPC dialogue, conversations and stuff. A town where not everything wants to murder them. This just goes to prove my point that I tried making months back, Dan needs to be DMing and we can get Blackie Green back in the Adventurer's seat! Perhaps from now on we can just be stuck in this alternate dimension and not have to go back to the other storyline, EVER. I mean, if we don't ever get to revisit Glennishmoore (I say that still holding hope in my heart that perhaps some day that might be a possibility), then I could really care less if we return to primary color land and the weary gripes of even the players pointing out how everything is hostile and their wandering is beyond aimless. Funny thing is, I know that Blaine is fully competent to pull something like this off too, but for some reason isn't bothering. I read the positive comments on this episode before listening and I actually turned it on expecting to be somehow letdown by the reviews because It's been such a tedious listen for the last few months. Much to my chagrin, People weren't wrong in singing such praises. THIS is how it should go from now on. I am positive that with more interaction, storyline and fun, you'll regain a lot of lost listeners and start producing a better experience for everyone involved. Good on ya, Dan! I knew you had it in you. Now, one other change I might suggest, find a replacement for Steve. Someone who can dedicate the time for a full time, not-so-interrupted character. I still want Steve to be a part of it, so I would propose that he play a part not unlike Stargoyle, Dirty Randy, The Great Gazoo, or Uncle Arthur. That way with his revolving door schedule, he can still come in and zing a few amazing lines but without disrupting the overall flow of the show. Either way, the special guests are always fun and in their own way freshen things up a bit in this musty basement that is Nerd Poker. Any chance of getting more ladies in to play? I miss Sara's way voice of reason and compassion that really came in handy occasionally. Enough of my ecstatic blathering except to say "MORE MORE MORE OF THIS PLEASE!!!"
  15. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 143 — F#$%ing Bird Cops

    To my dearest Dan, I am somewhat in agreement with Shampoodler. I too have noticed that you are very quick to jump on people for constructive criticisms. Not everyone is trying to insult you by voicing that they want a little different direction in this podcast. I’m sure many, me included, have a great love and gratitude for what you guys have put together for us for years now and are only trying to point out that with minimal tweaks it could be so much more than it is and appeal to a much broader audience. Dan, sometimes your vehement comments come so sharply and dismissively, that I don’t think you get the care and concerned nature with which these comments on Nerd Poker are intended. I appreciate how much effort you guys take to put together an entertaining podcast week after week. Yes, there is definitely a difference between Sark and Blaine, but it’s been almost a year (or more than a year?- I am temporally challenged) since Sark’s departure. I’ve been listening since way before then, and I don’t think the difference is that people are just still expecting Sark’s style. I think the situation is we listeners just want a little more NPC interaction and dialogue. Perhaps, even, a clear goal for the near future for these NPCs to obtain. Since being chased from the flaming tavern in one of the early Blaine DMed episodes, there has been pretty much nil interaction that wasn’t mindless grunting, a few broken (Common as a Second Language) aggressive exclamations almost guaranteed to end up in senseless aggression toward the PCs. Yes, there is still “Role Playing” going on in these adventures, especially amongst the PC cast. But face it, you guys have been wandering an eternity from colored patch of land to colored patch of land, all hostile in almost every regard. There is seemingly no end to it. Every time you guys make some headway one direction or another, it is thrown asunder thus again leading to more semi-directionless wandering. Just the slightest momentum toward a MacGuffin or some semblance of any story aside from let’s go from here to there to here to there trying to get away from everything that is homicidally lurking in the shadows to gank you guys. And it’s not that I don’t like some of what Blaine’s doing, but it just feels so hollow and pointless without something more than this aimless traveling and constant unprovoked aggression from Flora and Fauna alike. Please don’t misinterpret this as bitching. I LOVE this podcast still. You guys are so funny that it more than makes up for a lack of abiding by rules, or multifaceted tangents that get way off track. While I was sad to see Sarah, Gerry and Sark leave, I think you and Steve are awesome supplements. I even got Rick Remender to sign my Player’s Handbook because even your substitute guests are so hilarious to me. I don’t want you to think I’m unappreciative of the entertainment. Yes, it’s free, but I have sent in donation as well as given dough to Brian several times when he’s been in the Portland area. I don’t expect a whole lot for my meager contributions, and in no way do I feel “owed” anything by you guys, but I think the entire fan base and donation pool would benefit greatly from a more cohesive direction and robust NPC interaction. People are begging for it repeatedly on this forum as well as on other blogs, etc. I don’t support pandering or conforming to the demands of fanboys or fangirls (of which I definitely qualify, but listen to me – dammit!!!), but listening and accepting some constructive criticisms and trying to build on an already good thing. I was saddened by that plea for donor support last week, as I don’t want this, my favorite podcast of all time to end when there are little things that can be done to tune it up and get it swinging harder than that dude in the wheelchair Blaine’s always talkin’ ‘bout.
  16. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 128 — Spiderhana

    Dan, glad to hear you give a nod to Mudhoney. What a greatly underappreciated band from the NW. Them and Gas Huffer!
  17. Obi Wan Disrobi

    Vin Diesel DMing a Game of D&D Just For You

    Just saw this on nerdapproved.com and wanted to head over to spread the word too. Haven't had a chance to check it out, but was excited by the prospect of some Vin related D&D progress in any way. Although, I would really like to see The Rock pitch in, after he was cool enough to respond to Brian's tweet. Especially if they have some Oswalt leverage on him to participate.
  18. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 117 — Blainal Beads of Force

    OK. So I must've laughed myself into a coma last night during the bleepfest. Never even got to the playing before I fell asleep and dropped my DMG on the floor, scaring the shit outta me and my cat, Laurel. Not sure how my girlfriend slept through the loud thud. So, now I am caught up having listened to it during my lunch break. I am digging NAUSICA a lot. She is a great homage to Sarah born from the mind of Dan, who is putting a great bent on things. STORYLINE!?!?!?!? Really? I am one happy nerd today.
  19. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 117 — Blainal Beads of Force

    Today, on a very special episode of Dungeons & Dragons & Diesels... This HAS to happen. Great idea for Sark to come back, but need Sara and Gerry too. 24 minutes in, and it's been nothing but dick talk and I'm completely cracking up. Especially when Blaine came back to the discussion and just started busting out with the bleeps again. And he just did it again on the break outro. Holy shit. No D&D at all, but tons of laughs.
  20. Obi Wan Disrobi

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    I am loving The Adventure Zone! So glad I started listening after these recommendations. I love their interactions with each other and some of the NPCs are just flat out hilarious. Have plowed through all but the latest episode, so far. I have also been enjoying Brave New Dungeon's adventure line in "The Pearl". It's not comedic at all. In fact, it's rather serious about trying to sort out the 5e rules. They actually start playing even before the Starter Set is released. The sound quality is pretty good and they are well mic'ed, but often times, you hear some really bad music in the background, as well as their opening/closing song sounds like something that should have died in the early 90's. Just say no to slap/pop/funk metal. Some of the characters/players are a tad annoying, and they play online using Roll 20, so there are a lot of times you have to listen to them sort out or discuss their technical difficulties, but all in all, for listening to an adventure featuring some players that take themselves too seriously, it's pretty good. But for those of us trying to run 5e campaigns and getting used to the new rules and approaches ourselves, it's been pretty decent. http://bravenewdungeon.com/
  21. Obi Wan Disrobi

    Gary's Tips

    You're absolutely right. Just sayin'...
  22. Obi Wan Disrobi

    EPISODE 116 — Blue Worm

    Rick was on FIRE this week. His absurdly hilarious antics were rendering the others damn near speechless, that made it so much funnier. I had to laugh when Brian and the gang were trying to warn him against trying to talk to ANYONE AT ALL. Sadly true, everything is out to kill. Apparently this Giant continent is not so giant on conversation of any sort. And yes Dan, I was more than thrilled that I got a grown man to say that about that turd, Ulktar (my little brother's D&D Character). It was an inside joke from a campaign from almost 10 years ago. <3 Guplu
  23. Obi Wan Disrobi

    Does Nerd Poker change from early to later podcasts?

    Let me preface this by saying that I LOVE Nerd Poker w/BP & F. I cannot wait for each Wednesday morning to download them and listen to them on the way in to work. While they are always a comedy hit, the D&D aspect of it is seriously lacking in recent times. It feels like they are bored out of their minds with the constant fighting. While the PCs have resorted to just slaughtering everything in sight, can you blame them? I mean any time they do try to stop and initiate a new dialogue with some giant or another, it ends in failure and them getting attacked or killed. It's not like they haven't tried. Several cases they have tried to make conversation and it has just blown up in their faces. I have listened to the original Sark campaign twice, and have just gone back to revisit it again, this latest listening being the first time since Blaine (who I love as a comedian and as Blackie Green!!!) has taken over as DM for a considerable amount of time. It is getting painfully monotonous to listen to as a D&D themed podcast. I really think the way to rejuvenate the podcast is to actually have Dan take the reigns as the DM and start a new campaign putting Blaine back in as a PC. Dan seems to be the only one with a really deep knowledge of the content and the focus to get the rest of the group invested in playing again. Dan also has the chops to pull off a HUGE assortment of NPCs filled with personality and quirks. I mean, hell, do it with the new simplified 5e rules that are meant to be played much looser and "Theater of the Mind Running Narrative Combat". I think this would be a great refresh, allowing the others to be funny, fall in love with new characters like they did with Blackie, Damien Darkomen, Sir Richard, etc... If it would help at all, I would volunteer to purchase a set of the core books for the group. The entire rule set is posted online so it's not like they all would need to purchase the books. I am sure most if not all of them have either a smartphone, laptop or tablet of some sort to have them on hand if need be.
  24. Obi Wan Disrobi

    Episode 107 — Sleeping Mario

    Well, it's a Christmas Miracle, two episodes of NERD POKER!!! Too bad 2015 is going to start off sucking more than Winter's Homoerotic fantasies of taint mutilation without a new episode next week, but oh well! Yeah, I was so lost at the beginning and had to go back to 106 and check if I was that lax in listening that I missed them finding this boat, and then realized that with that much talk of Christmas being over and 2015, I finally realized that they had uploaded incorrectly. On another positive note, I am finally getting a new D&D group together and we start playing shortly after the new year. Been way too long and I cannot wait to start having adventures of my own again!
  25. Obi Wan Disrobi

    Episode 82 — Kotter Talk

    ha! Jester, I at least fortunately (or unfortunately, however you may look at it) am old enough to get most all of the references. For someone who just hit 40, I dig all their goofy dated references. If you're much younger, I imagine it'd be somewhat frustrating to pick up what they're layin' down and keep interested, but some of this stuff is still on broadcast tv. Just a few weeks ago, my girlfriend and i were watching Welcome Back Kotter and astounded at how much it holds up against most craptacular new sitcoms.