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    Kev-bot... you're the best.
  2. Get ready to do our band a favour by allowing us to allow you to plug us, plugging you! https://soundcloud.com/sean-boyer-443090499/the-tasty-wangs-feature-on-plugs
  3. UPDATE: Small Lawns R U Talkin' REM RE: Me? Arie's Colon (Arie's Butthole) U Talkin U2 To Me? Talkin' About Acting Talkin' About Trees Let' Go through the Trees Talkin' About Eyes Different Timelines (Talkin' About Other Timelines) Vuh Talkin' VH 2 Me? That Sounds Like One of my Favourite Books I Love Film I Love I Love Film Requests 4 Guests Talkin' About Me Nose to the Grind Stonin' and/or Rockin' and Rollin' Yeah Right It's Been a Whake Is This an Episode There's Always Time for Impressions Text Mext Talkin' About Jazz Sweet Tweets Glasses Bits How's Your Baby Sheen Theories It Crawled Bro, I'm Comf' Youie Talkie Hewie Twoie Me What's Your Kiss Style? Like My Wallet Money Clip Train Not My Show You're Being Fucking Rude
  4. SeanBoyer

    Episode 502 - Reese's Feces

    Gemberling's best work since Dildogram! (IMHO)
  5. SeanBoyer

    Episode 500 - The 500th Episode

    So who did the song? Google-fu turned up nothing for me.
  6. SeanBoyer

    #CBB500 T-Shirt Giveaway!

    My first intro to CBB was with the Kyle Dunnigan ep. It sounded like a pretty normal interview show featuring the taint model from Mr. Show until it got to the Del LaRoux part... it really opened my ears to improv (which I had pretty much dismissed after Who's Line). Now I can't watch a single movie or TV show without exclaiming things like "Oh snap! That's _______ from CBB episode _____ where blah blah blah". I'm now an amateur expert on the comedy scene, and all thanks to CBB!
  7. Man, 6 brand new sub-podcasts! Incredible! That means there are 50 in total now. In case anyone is interested, I'm curating a list of all the sub-podcasts in a Gist: https://gist.github....b77dc06450140b2
  8. SeanBoyer

    Ready For Plugs

    Engineer Cody Cody "liked" this, but it never made it's way to the show :'(
  9. SeanBoyer

    #141 Howard Kaylan

    This was INCREDIBLE! Thank you Gilbert and Frank for (in the reporters opinion) the best Kaylan interview I've ever heard! (also, the audio was more than tolerable!) Great work!
  10. I came across this gem and would have been remiss not to share it with the CBB community. This is a version of One Week by Barenaked Ladies where every instrument has been replaced with a pitch altered "It's Been". It's quite unlistenable. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.c...d-with-its-been
  11. SeanBoyer

    Episode 451 - Wishing with The Grawlix

    Same thing happened on A Silicon Valley P-Cast - he just blew in for like 2 minutes and then left, but there WAS a mention for him in the credits that time.
  12. SeanBoyer

    Episode 451 - Wishing with The Grawlix

    Wow, daja vu then!
  13. SeanBoyer

    Episode 451 - Wishing with The Grawlix

    I might be nuts, but I feel like that Face Like Thunder theme was already used!
  14. Ironic that Johnny sounds like shit! Sounds like he's using a Fisher-price cell phone. Never the less, an interesting episode, and great to hear from Johnny!
  15. Go ahead and play THIS plugs theme, ok!?