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  1. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang!
  2. The chore wheel says it's my time to come up with a catch phrase, so here we go.
  3. thornghost

    Am I crazy or did Scott basically save Obamacare?

    Scott, being a Time Bobby, saw in the future that the Affordable Healthcare Act would fail without his help and travelled back to the present to make things right.
  4. thornghost

    Jobs that allow you to listen to podcasts

    I work in IT, but we have branch offices within driving distance so I will always throw on some CBB or another podcast when I have to drive to those places. I don't hurry.
  5. thornghost

    Anyone have a unique podcast concept?

    The podcast I produce, the Einstein Simplified Podcast (iTunes) is kind of unique in that we record it RIGHT after our live improv shows so we're generally worked up, goofing on each other and trying to make each other laugh. Once we hit on a salient enough topic, we spin that into a short form improv game; either we use the details as the "suggestions" for a known game like ABC, Letter Replacement, etc, or we just set up a standard scene to mimic what we were talking about and delve into that further. For instance, in our latest released episode, one member of the group told a story about how she was recently stood up. We set up a scene focusing on the guy that stood her up to find out just exactly why he couldn't make the date. Things, of course, got weird. In general structure, it's a little like Improv 4 Humans (though I don't mean to draw a comparison) but faster and looser.
  6. I threw away my favorite t-shirt and now nothing's stopping me.