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  1. I really related to Jason's thoughts on Clowns kidnapping children.


    When I was in elementary school there was a yearly event for 1st or 2nd graders (can't remember) where some clowns, The Safety Clowns, would make a visit to teach kids about the dangers of talking to strangers. There would be a video of clowns teaching kids not to go into a strangers van, not to take candy from strangers, not to help people look for their lost puppy, etc. Between short videos the clowns would perform songs along the same theme.


    The weirdest part of this was the end when the clowns would ask each kid for a hug. Who wants to hug a strange clown immediately after learning about how strangers are lurking out there to kidnap you? Especially when the urban legend of clowns luring children into vans was also present in the area. Fuck clowns.

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