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    bleep blorp, whatever.
  1. You can't be home alone when home is where your heart is and your heart is being eaten by a tiger.
  2. Like my uncle always said, why half-ass it when you can full-ass it,
  3. "It's Enowhiiiiiile" - A podcast dedicated exclusively to all things Brian Eno. We follow ole Sourpuss himself with a dazzling career of making good quality rock and roll uuuh music. We're talking Roxy Music, Coldplay, David Bowie, even you guessed it, U2!!
  4. Hey Spidey, maybe you could get on your boots (sexy boots that is) and turn off the fucking dark already?
  5. lazerface

    It's Been A While...

    "Boom boom chic boom boom, Riddler!" Maybe a little more obscure but still a classic CBB catch phrase.
  6. The podcast works brilliantly, but I feel like the next step is to have U2 on the podcast. Obviously the real U2 or Bono would never go on the podcast, but why not bring some of the character talent from Comedy Bang Bang onto the show? The lads from liverpool need to be a part of the show. Maybe then Bono could finally give the Scotts some t-shirts! I'm sure Paul F Tompkins could bust out a decent Bono character for the show. What do you say Paul, are you a little boy....or a big boy? This is good uhhhh rock and roll...music.
  7. Crack up the reverb on those drums, bro!
  8. Todd Glass trying to figure out which song is U2...best moment of this podcast ever. My co-workers thought I was losing my shit when Scott kept fucking around with Todd. I do feel a little bad though, Todd did seem genuinely tense and stressed about the whole thing.
  9. lazerface

    Episode 8 — Pop

    Agreed, Staind Glass needs to happen. One thing I'm surprised they didn't cover in this episode is the "Mission Impossible" theme song. It was redone by the boys from Dublin in 1996, specifically Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. This would have been a goldmine, especially since the movie is all about Tom Cruise being a big boy. It would have made for a really great episode of "I Love Films."
  10. Are you REM sleeping to me?! I agree that it would be nice to have those jokes crossover into CBB episodes, even if the guests were clueless.