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  1. journey115

    Patron Saint of HDTGM?

    Patron saint of the podcast has to be Squarespace. It is the first thing that you hear about on most of the back catalog episodes.
  2. journey115

    Thoughts After Viewing "Sharknado 2"

    Out of curiosity, did anyone else notice a badly cgi can or bottle of coors light fly out of the plane at the beginning? I know bad cgi is the point of this movie but that bit just seemed weird to me.
  3. journey115

    Episode 87 — Easy Rider 2: The Ride Back

    To take a page out of June's book on how I felt about the rape scene -"I found it very disturbing" However I would like to add that it served no real purpose in the Virgil sub-plot. It was only to further explain why the character was a changed man. It could have easily been explained why he had changed via dialogue in the campfire scene by using the vietnam 'War is hell' motif (This would require decent writing however). Also the fact that as an audience member we never see present day Virgil made that sub-plot so pointless. Im glad the HDTGM crew picked up on that because this movie just angered me after watching it.
  4. journey115


    Hated that show. Also hate big bang theory too. Would watch the shit out of Nundercover though.
  5. journey115

    Episode 85.5 — Minisode 85.5

    With regards to Ernest goes to jail. I was about 20 mins in when i had to pause to get my mental fortitude together to continue. Also seeing as Paul wants to know the 'exciting' places we are all from, just saying I am from Northern Ireland.