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  1. I think they need to make a "We know more about you than you'd like" t-shirt, maybe with a drawing of Bonobos as MacPhisto...
  2. BobH

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    I think the only prisoners involved in the plan on board at that point were Pinball, Cyrus and Diamond Dog (both in the separate max-security lockup). I think Swamp Thing and Cindino were the only other prisoners involved in the plan, and they came in after the takeover.
  3. BobH

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    I agree with Jason, great move that somehow manages to defy all objections to its flouting of time, geography, legal procedures, biology, physics and everything else. Quick note, I'm not sure if it was mentioned in the crosstalk, but Diamond Dog was whipping the hostages/guards when they were dragging out the plane, not the other prisoners. I guess he thought the extra muscle he got whipping them was more than he'd get by pulling himself. Or he just wanted to whip some guards. I only saw it once years ago, but I think the extended edition had Garland killing one of the guards, so that would erase the idea of him being wrongfully imprisoned. If his confession didn't. There was also something about Baby-O saving Poe's life during a prison riot. Speaking of Baby-O, I always thought there was a line missing about him being on the plane, since they do mention that they also transport prisoners for medical treatment, so a quick line about him being sent for some operation (and maybe a different disease so you don't have to comically mis-interpret diabetes symptoms and treatment) would have explained his presence on a plane full of hardcases.
  4. So who's Jen's client on DANCES WITH THE STARS? Are we betting? I got a dollar. Rumer Willis? (not sure how we'd get an answer...)
  5. BobH

    Episode 223.5 — Sklarbro County 128

    I think the general guideline in describing ages is to go in twos. Ages are in days until the baby is two weeks. Then in weeks until two months. Then in months until two years. Then in years until two decades (all I need to know is that someone is in his twenties or thirties, nothing more precise than that, and no party beyond closest family/friends for anything but a decade milestone after age 20). And more theoretically (or biblically), in decades until two centuries and centuries until two millennia.
  6. BobH

    "The Sylvester Stallone Podcast"

    I'm beginning to suspect this "Sylvester Stallone Podcast" is some sort of monkeyshine.
  7. "Who Talking Guess Who 2 Me?" - Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry re-unite for a weekly podcast with Scott, and only want to talk about the Canadian rock band The Guess Who.
  8. I can't believe I never heard that Fat Boys / Beach Boys "Wipeout" before today. My life is now defined by before I heard that song and after I heard it. Kind of funny that the one song Glass got wrong was Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer", produced by Daniel Lanois around the same time he was producing U2's work.
  9. Can't believe after almost four years of listening to various Earwolf shows, this is the one that got me to register an account on the forum. Originally I wasn't even going to listen to the show, since I don't care much about the lads from Liverpool, but there was a week when several of the podcasts I listen to either skipped an episode or had uninteresting guests and I thought I'd try this U2 thing. Now I listen to each episode at least three times, can't wait for the new one (and now that I know sometimes it drops at 11:59, I know I'll be refreshing my episode list early next week). My U2 story, I have about 4000 songs on the mp3 player I keep in the car. Usually I pick an album or artist to listen to for a few days, then switch, but sometimes I just put it on random shuffle for the whole library of songs. I did that this week, and on the first day, the two U2 songs I thought I had (a live "Pride" from a benefit album and the cover of Woody Guthrie's "Jesus Christ" from the FOLKWAYS album) both came up about an hour apart. I felt like saying to my car, "Hey, U talkin' U2 to me?". An aside, one time those songs were both on a playlist I had, I made the joke that they were my two favourite U2 songs until I realized that Bono probably thinks they're both about him. Anyway, two days later, still on random shuffle, after a classic Rush song (insert 10 minute digression about Rush that would make Scott choke on his pretzel), I hear the distinctive guitar stylings of Thedge, which confused me since I know I only had those two U2 songs. I'd forgotten that the lads play on Robbie Robertson's "Sweet Fire Of Love" from his first solo album, produced by Daniel Lanois (fortunately it doesn't sound like old sourpuss was involved). I don't know what the odds are, but it's got to be slim that the three U2 songs out of a 4000 song library come up with the first few hours of random playback, especially while I'm also listening to this podcast about half the time I'm out of the car.