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  1. Han Solo Bolo

    Episode 459 - Giamatti Gives Thanks

    Heh. I was only joking but I think that's appropriately douchy.
  2. Han Solo Bolo

    Episode 459 - Giamatti Gives Thanks

    Adomian is back? Why? No more Hillary supporters to attack?
  3. Han Solo Bolo

    Future of the Show?

    Not about you. I stand by that.
  4. Han Solo Bolo

    Future of the Show?

    I apologize for my earlier comment. In no way is my bullshit opinion considered enough for voicing it in public. It was kneejerk and I apologize. Yeah.
  5. Han Solo Bolo

    Future of the Show?

    Oh good. Someone said 'sjw'. Now I'm definitely out of here.
  6. Han Solo Bolo

    Future of the Show?

    I certainly won't listen to Devin again. I'd love to see Amy come back, but I can't imagine that would happen. So long, The Canon. Sorry you were hosted by a creep.
  7. Han Solo Bolo

    Joe v. Volcano

    Oh, and I think it's Canon-worthy.
  8. Han Solo Bolo

    Joe v. Volcano

    I've noticed that I think about this movie at least once day, usually while walking to work. This morning, while walking to work, I thought of sad Meg Ryan saying to angry Meg Ryan 'you're in a rotten mood.' And Meg Ryan responds, 'It's the sunshine. Gets me down.' I think it's my favorite movie. Sorry, The Shining.
  9. Han Solo Bolo

    Harris Wittels Shirt

    I received one on Monday. Should be on the way.
  10. Love it. Thank you very much.
  11. Han Solo Bolo

    The Best Show with Tom Scharpling is back

    Their riff on the gathering of the juggalos is easily the funniest 30 minutes in podcast history. I've never laughed so hard.
  12. Han Solo Bolo

    Most Awkward Podcast episodes

    Why would Comedy Central air that shit? That's monstrous! Ugh. I was hoping I'd start my day in a misanthropic rage, and now here I am!
  13. Han Solo Bolo

    Legend (1985)

    tried to watch this last night. Tom Cruise sports a monobrow that distracted me from how cheap everything looked. Mia Sara is very pretty however. Pretty bonkers plot and Tim Curry at full volume. Recommended.
  14. Han Solo Bolo

    Dune (1984)

    Plus you could have John Hodgman on for it.
  15. Han Solo Bolo

    Dune (1984)

    I have to bump this because it is bonkers. I just watched this again and yeah... Cardiac rape? Yes. Hairless cats for milking? Obviously. First gen CGI! Big eyebrows! Space magic! Makes Zardoz seem reasonable.