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  1. I guess directed to Besser: On the actions of the cops. Knowing several police officers, I believe they are concerned for your life and what your wife and child would have to bear should you get hurt or die in an accident. So you re putting yourself and your family at risk in a sense. And its common knowledge that most car accidents happen close to home or on short drives. So why it might be annoying, they probably really cared about you. They also probably have seen the aftermath of not wearing a seatbelt. Also, they are cops, so they might be bored and were having some fun. -dr:u
  2. Unless this has changed the best passwords are long phrases (with spaces or underscores) or series of unrelated words that can remember like CastleMonkeyHeartSofaPlutoHarp because these create longer passwords that are harder to brute force crack. Of course many sites still hold old ideas and have too short limits or make you put a random number or character, which does very little to make it harder to break computationally. http://lifehacker.co...w.google.com%2F Also, a phrase that is meaningful for u is easy to recall and your password cheat sheet can be a hint to jog your mind
  3. Where can I find a tap dancing surgery team>