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    Episode 246.5 - Prequel to Episode 247

    'groundhog day' meets 'a beautiful mind' but stupid
  2. computer jazz pool party

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    For what it's worth, director Uli Edel had a pretty solid career going until Body of Evidence. His 1981 film Christiane F. is a major cult classic in Europe and based on a very popular biographical novel (available in English as "Zoo Station"). It's kind of a druggy downer but the lead performance is great and you get a real feel for early 1980s Berlin. I can't recommend it enough, if you enjoy that sort of film. Edel's first English language film was 1989's Last Exit to Brooklyn with Jennifer Jason Leigh and based on the novel by Hubert Selby Jr (who you may know as the writer of Requiem for a Dream). As you might expect, it's a depressing drama about working class struggle among the 1950s Brooklyn nightlife. It was a critical hit and led to interest in Selby's writing, who at that point had been an unknown primarily read by beatniks and junkies, and likely led to the adaptation of Requiem for a Dream. So you have two great films based on semi biographical novels, with the screenplays cowritten by the director. Body of Evidence was a vehicle for Madonna though, and Dino De Laurentis shopped around until he found a script he thought suited the pop star's oversexed persona. It was written by a nobody (Brad Mirman, who went on to cowrite Highlander 3) and Edel wasn't allowed any input on it. He probably jumped at the chance to work with De Laurentis and Madonna. You can't blame him. I think this film is directed reasonably well, although the script outright sucks and Madonna is aggressively mediocre. If anything, it's a weird portrait of a time when Madonna absolutely ruled pop culture with her sexy sexy sex. (It's also a rare film to prominently feature Portland, Oregon.)
  3. computer jazz pool party

    Toronto show - Governor Gabbi - not available in Canada?

    Does anyone have a link to watch this movie? The one supplied in this thread doesn't work anymore
  4. computer jazz pool party

    Episode 222 - Unforgettable

    Did anyone else notice the giant tray of salt and pepper shakers in their house? I was so confused and transfixed by this; why would they have so many salt and pepper shakers? Why was it in their living room? The answer of course, is that it's a chess board?! This has to be the most confusing way to play chess ever. What a weird choice by the set dressers. *I posted while listening but before the audience questions! I feel vindicated.