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  1. What is currently happening processed meat trimmings and fat in sausage form?
  2. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Mount Prague Theme Sack

    Plug theme used for Episode 296: Taking the Bladder Out. @ 1:14:58. Quoth the Choctaw, "Very nice... distortion on that bass sound... know what I'm sayin?" Most definitively... P-L-U-G Mama got that GED we pluggin
  3. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Mount Prague Theme Sack

    https://soundcloud.c...ague-theme-sack Because mama told me don't listen to that Devil muzak Hotdog
  4. Alternate popcorn gallery theme https://soundcloud.com/phonic-interwoven/popcorn-gallery-space-warz-star-trax
  5. It was the Fall and the leaves had fell. The groundskeeper with his rake did rock as he softly sang: Everyday I'm Rustlin' And so the story goes...
  6. Ghosts is real yall; Busted. Demi Moore or less, am I right ladies?
  7. For You Consideration, theme and variation, in a shuffle https://soundcloud.c...-warz-star-trax (free download) because sometimes okay really isn't
  8. I ain't no dentist. Don't tell me about yo fillings. Cathartic pie crust and transcendental hygiene
  9. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 124 — Big Questions

    Episode 124. 1+2+4 = 7. 2014. 2+0+1+4 = 7. John Elway. Denver. Weed
  10. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 126 — The Universe

    Great, so tense at times, so many fillings, pie crust. Lies from the pit of hell and damnation. Aka h-e double hickory sticks
  11. Cuckoo Omega Medley Eggplant Dingy Yarns, Big Ass Nasty Goats Busting Apples Nibbling Garbage
  12. You can't spell concentration without a third grade education. Rasputin
  13. An accountant Anabaptist anaconda handler harbored hateful feelings for his hockey mask maintenance man. Again
  14. Yes master, it was The Furrowed Brow. He destroyed our advance team. The trail was lined red with their blood. Grodie. Lawn darts?
  15. Charlie Murphy Brown

    gnab gnab idemoc ut mocleuw

    Dratsum eht tuc, Nopuop Yerg eht ssap
  16. It was your typical atypical B-movie subplot. He was a budding podcast; she, an amateur erotica blog. Twas a love of exploit and overindulgence
  17. Three seconds left, I want the rock
  18. My hair psychic recommended severe moderation. The nose ring was the wife's idea. Eye aino porch swang
  19. Booze. Will you please sign my sedition petition? Its an Alt-Docu-Rom-Dramedy-Thriller, but with heart. Pacino's on board. Thursday nights are bingo.
  20. Open on a meadows; Tim. Spring is sprung. Smash Cut Two: The Reckoning. A bang; another. Roll credits roll
  21. Title freak, joke monster, story beast, plot-hole guy, bump detector, Darrell. You'll find we've all a role to play
  22. Dropping bombs and blowing minds since the Urph decided it was time. Bomedy Clang Clang went the follies!
  23. Surfboards up mofos! Murder death kill and a bottle of Tang. Chocolate toffee Bonga Bongs; Harangue!
  24. Parental warning, exquisite content. Suck it Grandma, nobody wants your cookies!