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  1. Once again I clearly don't "get" this podcast .. I understand they are doing insider Hollywood caricatures but none of it is actually funny. I always try to check in when its guest that I like; to the same disappointment.

    Is it the joke they are dumb faux insiders.-- that's it? Is the whole bit that "it's not funny". .. and they are clueless.


    Make fun of me or explain. I still don't get it.


    ok LTL (Lily Tomlin's Lawyer?), in this instance Jessica was a true corker of a guest (it's a good thing), so much so that H&S didn't even tell her she was a corker, which they usually always do, proof the boys knew they had to bring it and the last thing they'd want is to do an ep that makes total sense and is easy to imbibe, for that reason everything was more tripped out. an important factor in this is that Ms Chaffin is a big movie star and master of improv so the boys being rude and giving her shit even in the context of the scene is in itself edgy and hilarious (see HH#1 w Jake Johnson, also Gabrus running amok on CBB). yet with H&S basically disrupting their own show Jessica was very patient apart from a few heavy sighs, one 'I'm deeply regretting this choice' and the part at the end where it got real and Clem Dawg and Ronn- I mean Jessica opened up their minds about the process, the stuff the FBI was after in the first place


    but I understand if you can't appreciate subtleties in tone, inverted improv dynamics and are clinging to an unrealized expectation from when someone told you HH brought joy into their life and for a brief moment hope sprang internal. do not despair, I suggest you try being a little less critical, a lot more open to whimsy and you just might discover that the best parts of HH aren't always the words

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  2. I love Jessica and I'm in love with her and want to run off to Spain and have a big family with her and get a dope villa and retire as jet ski instructors with her and hold hands and be her best friend


    we'll give H&S free jet ski lessons and you can all visit and stay in our guest house where you'll be secretly filmed for a spinoff reality show about the luckiest people alive, which is us because we got this fresh ep

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  3. Challenge Beast: Ben

    The Strategist: Ali

    The Black Widow AKA the Parvati Award: Ashley

    The Cutthroat: Ryan

    The Old Schooler/ Loyalist: Chrissy

    Under The Radar: Devon

    Wildcard: Joe

    Bench Player: Alan


    Final 3 Prediction: Ryan, Joe, Ashley

    Winner Pick: Ashley


    my team name is the Calabasas Masterclasses


    thanks Joe!

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  4. here's the latest forum name watch list from Forum Safety Commission. these were discovered inside a fortune cookie intercepted en route to beleaguered bad boy Bonksy's Barcelona basement apartment. needless to say be extremely careful not to provoke anyone using these aliases by calling them names like coward as they're probably plotting world domination and so you do not want to get on their bad side


    Larry David Foster Wallace and Gromit

    Josh Brolin Manuel Miranda Lambert

    Neil Diamond Dallas Page Vanzant

    Lilith Fairuza Balki Bartokomous

    James Blake Gryffindorothy Gale

    Marcus Allen Ginsberger Sandwich

    Jack Benny Goodman

    Dalton Maltz

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