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  1. watching old Elvis movies is encouraging because every time a gal gives him the swell idea to record some songs he will initially have trouble finding his voice in the studio before someone's like 'hey man just be you' and he lays down a hot take. then even when the record company doesn't dig his tunes right away, with the help of his girl and some booze and steak he finds the strength to continue. then his gal let's on that her family is rich and wouldn't she like to buy him more studio time to finish the record. usually after that Elvis and his lady have to climb the cliffs of insanity, battle a giant and eat a chocolate pill or something, I'm always fast asleep by this point



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  2. we've received numerous reports that a rebel force comprised of bye bye man, slender man and beetlejuice have been attempting to sow discontent in the forum. if you come across any of the following aliases in circulation please DO NOT ENGAGE, promptly inform the nearest mod or officer of the pod so that justice may be served


    Judge Reinholden Caulfield of Dreams

    Jennie Garth Brooks & Dunn

    Brian Wilson Pickett Fence

    Jena Malone Wolf McQuade

    Me Tarzan You Jane Austen Powers

    Selma Blair Witch Project MKUltraviolet

    Stan Lee Kubrick James

    Grace Kelly Osbourne in the USA

    Raggedy Ann Landers Holm

    Kanga & Roo Paul Bettany

    Ave Maria Bello

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  3. I am struggling to distinguish where hayes is. There seem to be two of him. He's drinking milkshake like the milkshake show but also surprised in his blue apronserving orange disks next to Shonk's sister Liz Lemons. Please provide insight. I've been staring at this picture for 8 hours straight. It is consuming me and fear I may lose my wife/career/familiy.




    because you ask nicely, it seems you think Alice is also a Hayes, which would actually make 3 of him including the tv, but there is still only two as the person holding the chicken patty platter is from beyond the looking glass, down the rabbit hole, second star to the right, and straight on til morning, and everybody knows Hayzie Bone from Beantown

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  4. those were some sick beats from Hayes, this is definitely now in my top 3 all-time favorite last eps, and after Matt said he'd walk out if insulted again H&S did well to only tell him shut up once each


    Mr Murphy Brown, is there some kind of special program you use to get your pictures to post with such alacrity? Either way, your commitment to the bit is truly impressive. Thumbs up!

    thank you dev, Dalton's granny is actually my neighbor so whenever he's preparing to post a new HH ep thread he sends a mass text to all his relatives so they can share in the momentous occasion, his granny then invites me over and we make s'mores and look at photo albums after I post that week's pic

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