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  1. Challenge Beast: Wendell

    The Strategist: Laurel

    The Black Widow: Chelsea

    The Cutthroat: Desiree

    The Old Schooler/Loyalist: Brendan

    Under The Radar: Libby

    Wildcard: Sebastian

    Bench Player: Morgan



    Final 3 Prediction: Chelsea, Brendan, Wendell

    Winner Pick: Chelsea


    my team is still called the Calabasas Masterclasses, sponsored by lemon grass fed jazz molasses

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  2. sounded like Shaun had a blast, Bane was on fire, Hayes be incendiary and Cody and elf Giles were hot too


    last weekend's Tour le Book de Hand Royale served as a thrilling finale to the HH forum fantasy street racing league. the ostrich and El Pacero took 1st to cap off an exciting late season run, Jay took 2nd earning a 2nd place tie in the series points race with mwn at 14, and Henry's 3rd place finish gave him 15 pts total and the HHFFSRL series points crown




    thanks to all the racers and fans for making this the best fantasy street racing league ever

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  3. for me HH forum is the good place, so dope, do you know what i mean?


    this past Sunday was Death Race to Thunderdoom Alley, in which Jay Rundo's 97 Joker embraced chaos AND death AND doom to take the victory while mwn and cmb died tragic deaths and the fantasy pair of medics had to bring us back to life and fix our broken bones that were sticking thru our skin. the ostrich and Henry were in it all the way to the end and did a very fast race but didn't die tragic deaths or embrace anything except for speed and good sportsmanship




    HHFFSRL series points standings: Henry-12, mwn-11, Jay-10, ostrich-7 cmb-4

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  4. Here's some helpful tips to my fellow racers.


    2) Fill your tires with helium, but not too much or your wheels will barely even touch the road. You gotta maintain some contact with the asphalt.


    yes, this is important because if your ride looses contact with the road when not on a sanctioned jump or other death-defying race feature then you're officially an airplane and will be disqualified


    it's great having all these hondas in the league, here's my actual 92 accord in front of my grandma's house



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  5. thanks to all the fans who showed up to support the racers at the Wolfcool Invitational Drag Racing Championship in Handbook County. Henry & The Vixen edged out mwn to take the win with a record top speed of 248.98 mph. Dana, Hayzie Bone & Clem Dawg were reppin hard but Ricky Bobby DQ'd in the prelims when his cougar got onto the track. only two events remain before we crown the HHFFSRL series points champion, standings will be posted next week



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  6. great lads, great ads, we're all very fortunate Sean chose doing a podcast over having a job


    HH forum fantasy Street Racing League update: here are the results of the inaugural running of the Handbook 5000 this past Sunday at Wolfcool Motor Speedway in Handbook Beach, FL where the fans were thrilled by a surprise appearance from Clem Dawg himself who mobbed around the track with the competitors. special thanks to our sponsors Jack White and Third Man Records who are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the debut album from The Black Satan Metallica Stones of Rock & Also Roll, featuring groundbreaking production from the likes of Trent Reznor, Bjork and Pharrell, cover art by infamous internet impresario Bonksy and a behind the scenes dvd with previously unseen studio and tour footage plus bonus commentary by director Harmony Korine



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  7. HHFFSRL%20Logo%203%20big%20tyr%202.jpg


    ladles and jellyspoons, start your hot air balloons, today's the official kick off bash fantasy draft for HH Forum Fantasy Street Racing League, where we'll battle it out on the mean streets to see who's got what it takes to drive hard, live fast and never use turn signals in this lawless land where all that matters is speed, and not the Sandra Bullock kind or the tasty amphetamines kind, just good ol flyin down the highway speed. you'll need a tough crew to move up the list in this no prep no holds barred no limit hold em fight to the death or the finish line, whichever comes first


    the season series will consist of a quarter mile drag race, a dangerous mountain road sprint, the dirt track from Cars where Lightning McQueen learned to drift, the Handbook 5000 and probably the Cannonball Run. you'll earn points based on where you finish in each race and at the end of the season we'll crown a HHFFSRL champion


    please choose a vehicle (year make model), a name for your ride and tell us about its features or post a pic or blueprint of the prototype. alternative fuel ok, 1 wheel minimum, 18 wheel max, no airplanes or millennium falcons


    my car is a 1990 Ford Festiva named Claudette. she's got a jet engine and extra sleek fuzzy dice, 4 kits of nitrous, 2 flux capacitors and 3 special mystery buttons on the dash that I've yet to try out



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