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  1. wow, I never won anything in my whole life except for the respect of my peers & charades once in jr high


    Big ups to my fellow Survivor fantasy leaguers who all had amazing seasons


    the Calabasas Masterclasses dedicate this victory to H&S, without them none of this would be possible


    thanks again Joe!

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  2. we interrupt your regularly scheduled forum to bring you a live HHFFMC update: it is with infinite sorrow and trepidation that I must report the tragic accident that has befallen The Black Satan Metallica Stones of Rock & Also Roll aboard their B-59 Concorde stealth hellcat rocketjet bound for Morocco to kick off the 2017 Dumpster Fire World Tour when some birds got sucked into all of the engines and the co-pilot tried to wake up Sully for a patented miracle water landing but he'd taken 3 ambien and was passed out so the co-pilot did his best and called in an emergency mayday SOS before all traces of the aircraft disappeared somewhere in the vicinity of Bermuda near a 3-sided geometric figure


    at the ceremony for remembrance and serious reflection Lars Ulrich sang an acoustic version of I Believe I See the Lighthouse with Phil Collins on bongos, Flea on vibes, Miley Cyrus playing the whole world, Yoko Ono on dobro, Woody Harrelson on tubular bells, Meatloaf on meat flute, Lana Del Rey on kazoo, some Greek folk on cheek poke, Billy Joel on keyboard, David Letterman on the vacuum and Neil Peart on a little tambourine. because Weiser was playing so hard to get he wasn't aboard the plane and is the sole surviving member of the group. he accepted the Rock & Also Roll Hall of Fame memorial legacy tribute award on our behalf


    the album we recorded is finished and will be released posthumorously because this whole ordeal is very sad and definitely not funny. but we'll always have the memory of our 1st jam that Jack White saw and flipped out about to Oprah



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  3. this list of aliases was discovered in Henderson, NV while HHFFMC scouts were inspecting an old burial ground to see if it had enough restless spirits to soothe on the upcoming tour. the deceased had been creating fraudulent yelp reviews saying all the businesses in the area have a rotten smell, no cell reception and dark evil bad guys lurking everywhere (sounds like a great spot for a show). if you see any of their posts on yelp please mark them as useful, funny and cool


    Jeffrey Tamboris Karloff

    Valerie Bertinelli Furtado

    Freddy vs Jason Giambi Arthur

    Tyrannosaurus Rex Ryan Gosling

    Dirty Harry S. Truman Capote

    Joey Lawrence Taylor Swift

    Pete Rosemary's Baby Driver

    Saving Private Ryan Lochte's Nuts

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  4. thank you for the positive attitude ... but due to genre reclassifications and David Geffen's huge ego we can only qualify for the Rock & Also Roll Hall of Fame, which does come with a $10 million cash prize, for each band member, a special triple EGOT trophy and TWO Lifetime Free Everything cards from DQ, for each band member


    ok so I guess they just gave us that award based on the first half of our name and how Jack White went on Oprah jumping up and down on a couch saying, 'I feel alive! and it's all thanks to them.' and Oprah pushed Jack for more and he shared a touching story about each of us from all the funny stuff we did at our first practice. then Jack told Oprah that he loves her and he's in love with her but she slapped him and called him fresh, which he took as a compliment and then did a lot more jumping on the couch


    plus the Rock & Also Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is a massive traveling carnival that we can have setup anywhere, and we could park it next to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame during their ceremony and show em what's what


    Mesa, Arizona. We could play on old burial grounds to soothe the restless spirits of the ancients.

    I know a nice amphitheatre in Mesa if we're unable to unearth any ancient burial grounds

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  5. damn that was a kick ass jam! I posted the full video of HHFFMC rehearsal on youtube but they took it down bc our covers sounded too much like the original recordings and actually better so the artists got scared that we'd get all the listeners and ads, but I guess Jack White watched the video before it was removed and has offered us a record deal with Third Man plus some dope t-shirts and dark sunglasses


    we'll be heading into the studio this weekend to throw down some hot tracks, then we're leaving to go on tour. while we're away doing the big shows Dr. Dre, Rick Rubin, Pharrell, Bjork, Brian Eno and Trent Reznor will finish mixing the album so we can get our music out to the people, which is why we do this in the first place


    please choose TWO US CITIES and ONE INTERNATIONAL CITY as stops on tour. specify venue or we'll just book the biggest stadium in town and burn that muther effer down. the tour is nameless so do tell if you have an idea


    I pick the Moda Center in Portland, OR, the Superdome in New Orleans, LA, and Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo, Brazil


    current tour set list:

    -I Believe I See the Lighthouse

    -Lawyers, Guns and Money

    -Not Sweet, Not Sour

    -Feel It

    -Bathing in Ketchup (My Life, My Choice)

    -November Rain

    -Freestyle Noodling

    -Sound Blanket 14

    -Honey, the Baby Spilled Dry Cheerios (On the Living Room Carpet) Extended VIP Mix

    -Mikrophonie I

    -Can't Get You Out of My Head

    -Mixin' the Bathtub Gin


    -Don't Laugh (I Love You) (And I'm in Love With You)

    -Divine Fulfillment of Perfect Productivity


    it looks like we'll remain The Black Satan Metallica Stones of Rock and Also Roll. the ostrich's suggestion of DJ Soggy Sugar and the Wet Sleeves, while clever and moist, has two major flaws: 1, there are no DJs in the group, and 2, we here at HH forum fantasy music collective seek to foster a united artist movement where we do not separate ourselves by who is a Soggy Sugar and who is a Wet Sleeve, but we all stand together as equal partners in The Black Satan Metallica Stones of Rock and Also Roll


    suck it Lars

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  6. what if Hayes owned a harbor and his name was Hayes Havenport, it'd be a throwback to when last names said what a person did. like our 1st president George who does 2,000 lbs of laundry, and Chris Columbus who every time his boat broke down phoned Greyhound to rescue his crew. and of course Meredith who is great at holding clothes and airplanes, putting up picture frames and doing extreme rock climbing, and even tho her name doesn't imply it she's very funny, nice, brave, sweet and lovely

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  7. should i use the dyson or the hoover for our jam session ?


    don't know a lot about vacuums but I'm pretty sure they're similar to violins in that the best ones are very old, so look for something with a nice patina, maybe one that's been struck by lightning so it has supernatural powers. it'd be nice to get a piece of that magical vacuum demographic. or just go with a standard dyson setup for a sure type thing

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  8. after an exciting HH forum fantasy music collective draft we now have a strong core membership to build our super group around. if you didn't get a chance to join last week just tell us your instrument and main influences


    current lineup:

    ... on glass harmonica, tubular bells and guitar

    VitaminSee on vibes

    CiscoKid on a little tambourine and backup vocals

    greggy on meat flute

    JJPI on cheek poke raindrop sound

    mwn's instrument is the whole world

    cmb on accordion, kazoo and rainstick

    the ostrich is on the vacuum

    urinalcake is on dobro

    Weiser is playing hard to get

    nohorseman on keyboard


    our first jam session is coming up so make sure your gear is ready. we will start work on doing a good set list


    please choose ONE COVER SONG and ONE ORIGINAL SONG of your own for the set list


    my cover is November Rain by Guns N' Roses, my original is called Mixin' the Bathtub Gin, a saucy calypso number featuring an extended kazoo and rainstick breakdown, which if anyone wants to get in on just say the word


    also we got sued by Metallica for our group name, The Black Satan Metallica Stones of Rock and also Roll, which I don't see the problem but you know Lars and his fondness for legal action. so if you have an idea for a name do let us know

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