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  1. today is the official kick off blow out fantasy draft for HH forum fantasy music collective, in which we will form our own super group and do world tours and be famous on magazines and things like this


    humans only, no shifters, vamps or zombies, werewolves okay for this elite techno folk-funk hip and hopscotch collective with working title, The Black Satan Metallica Stones of Rock and also Roll


    please let me know your instrument(s) and your main influences and probably in two months we should have a demo tape and some dope business cards. if you're a DJ that's cool too but sorry no bagpipes due to ongoing lawsuit with Jonathan Davis. bonus if you know a t-shirt guy


    If there's only a couple people in the group we may be forced to do a Daft Punk thing or Fatboy Slim or possibly even an Oldman Pete if necessary. also looking for a dog to hang out at practices, interns for coffee and at least three engineers who each bring their own special something to the mix


    I'll play accordion, kazoo and rain stick and be an engineer. my main influences are Brett, Annaliese and Mikal Cronin




    thanks, and this was a very nice and fun ep

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