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  1. When bryan connected pacific rim to chappie was pretty suspicious to me, because in my real life I've been working on a reworked chappie series. The first one is chappie doing real steel, that fighting robot movie, and then him and Hugh Jackman become rivals, and then in the sequel they have to do pacific rim together. I haven't figured out the third one yet, any of you chuckle heads got an idea?


    chappie and Hugh Jackman should recruit someone to help them get better at doing pacific rim like a Joe Pesci or Michelle Rodriguez type, or maybe the new sidekick is a short chappie looking kid whose eyes are alarmingly similar to Hugh Jackman and so then after they beat the final pacific rim boss, Milo (the kid) reveals he's Hugh and chappie's son, but in swoops Magneto and throws a semi truck at them all but Milo catches it with his mind and everyone freaks out and Magneto goes 'but how?' and Milo says 'don't you remember me, Dad?' cut to this is actually a dream Steve Guttenberg is having as he realizes that Hugh Jackman is Tom Selleck, Magneto is Ted Danson and he himself is Chappie, again, but then the dreaming Steve Guttenberg slash chappie looks closer at Milo who has turned into Hightower, and they exchange a knowing glance

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  2. Can we all just agree for once in our goddamn life that this forum is officially dead?


    I will not agree with you because every year about this time like clockwork is forum hibernation, wherein some of us fly south for the winter while others hunker down in hollow trees which are actually abandoned Keebler elf houses but with fully stocked kitchens so that it's a fairly livable situation. unfortunately the south especially in the winter time as well as all Keebler elf houses are dead zones with no wifi and a spooky Chris Walken, thereby resulting in low forum activity

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  3. on the heels of Russia's latest mass intel dump several double agents have unearthed this list of forum names used by Putin's inner circle in their fantasy fox hunt league. if you come across any of these aliases in circulation immediately say nasty stuff about Russia like how big furry hats are totally played out and nesting dolls are silly and pointless


    Auntie Eminemma Stone

    Florence and the Masheena Easton

    CeeLo Green Beret Charles Kuralt

    Meg Ryan O'Neal Young Jeezy

    Felix the Cat Stevens Spielberg

    Slammin Sammy Davis Junior Seau

    Alf Gore Vidalton Maltz

    Tara Reiding Rainbow Jackson Pollock

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  4. Does anyone else listen to this show the moment it comes out, then when it's over immediately forget everything that happened in the show so you have to listen a second time to make a relatable bit for the forum?


    nice try Cisco, trying to get all the big important secrets in our minds like how many times we listen to an ep before attempting to do a good comment. you probly been working for the FBI this whole time, oh hey what's this, ooo dang gang he's wearing a wire! quick burn everything, scrap the stolen Scooby-doo lunch boxes and release the disco doves


    Lou was funny and chill and it would be great if one day he was our close friend again

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