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    Which movies have you seen/own?

    I thought that everyone would have seen the majority of them? I've listened to all the episodes, then as I get to the movies, I listen to it again. It's probably easier to say what I've yet to see: On the Line Glitter Temptation Monkey Shines Rhinestone Xanadu Zardoz Safe Haven Lake Placid Hercules in New York Runaway Sharknado 3 Own: Sucker Punch The Back-Up Plan Spiderman 3 Batman & Robin Demolition Man A View to A Kill Con Air
  2. Sootster

    HDTGM All-Stars

    Shouldn't he be bumped up a level with the original Crank too?
  3. The not so classic Australian film from writer, director and lead actor, Yahoo Serious. It created quite a buzz back in the later 80's when it was released here in Australia and a mild buzz in the US too. You might just be able to get in contact with the man himself. http://www.yahooserious.com/
  4. Sootster

    Episode 19 — The Wicker Man

    I watched the 'non bee' version and I'm kinda wanting to watch the whole thing just to experience it as it should be.
  5. Sootster

    This is hilarious!

    If you select any HDTGM movies on there, it brings up suggestions of others done on the show. I can't help but feel a sense of pride.
  6. Sootster

    Any HDTGM Movies that you consider good?

    Growing up I LOVED Demolition Man and actually still do like it now.
  7. Sootster

    This is hilarious!

    When going to Amazon Instant Video to watch Mr. Nanny, I saw a few other familiar titles for 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought' section..
  8. Sootster

    Now You See Me (2013)

    Exactly how I felt. I mean, it's well made and all but that ending made me hate it and rendered the whole experience unnecessary to sit through.
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  10. Sootster


    Back to the topic, I'm glad that horrible excuse for television is gone. Although, I hear there's a spin-off. Damn it.
  11. Sootster

    Masters of The Universe

    This HAS to be an episode of HDTGM. It's probably the first thing I think of in this instance. Growing up adoring the animated series, I was disgusted when I saw this as a kid.
  12. Sootster

    Now You See Me (2013)

    This movie is horrible and deserves to be ripped apart by the three with a special guest for an hour.