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  1. majoraphasia

    Episode 418 - Paul Reiser and The Apple Tree

    By which you mean so **exceptional**. And another adjective. Synonym for disgusting. Great though. Great/gross duality.
  2. majoraphasia

    Best of 2014: Stump for favorite episodes here!

    At a glance I saw only one mention of Smaug's Kickstarter. This will not do. For the second mention I will quietly reminisce about Smaug covering Neil Young, the very thing that got me to start listening to the show again after taking a year or so off. Not a perfect episode, perhaps the greatness was only felt by me and one other, but one of the more consistently funny of the year. It didn't have the ambition of Oh Golly: You Devil but it somehow worked on me even better. I'm not the most faithful listener so take it all with a grain of salt. Honk Shoo > Tiny Cheeseburger > Calvins > Smaug > the recent one with Yankovic. Thems to the top five.
  3. majoraphasia

    Episode 313 — Gumbo Challenge

    I base my opinion on Mr. Sanz on, as you've correctly guessed, his SNL career. I wasn't religious about watching the show but those moments I caught that featured him were as unfunny as anything those people are responsible for. Part of it is that SNL isn't/wasn't generally funny (not to me, at any rate) and the other part is that Sanz was less funny than the mediocre whole. Raising the question of why I bothered. The answer is: drugs. I've heard a few Sanz appearances on CBB and thought much the same: not particularly funny, tries too hard. I'll admit I've skipped a few episodes that feature him and so may not be the best judge of his potential. There are a few returning guests that I don't find funny at all but I try to keep it to myself so as not to stir the waters of forum rage. As an example, I find Paul Scheer to be completely and hopelessly unfunny but don't hate on the guy because it would be trolling. At least trolling is what I'd be accused of. There are a few others, some regular, that don't seem to belong in comedy. But you take the bad with the good because Andy Daly, Brendan Small, Taran Killam, Paul Brittain, Matt Besser and PFT (to name a few) are so hilarious that they offer the sweet sweet antidote to the lameness of the unfunny few. Whatever. They're all richer and more famous than me so they're probably doing something right.
  4. majoraphasia

    Episode 313 — Gumbo Challenge

    Though I didn't read the 4(!) pages of comments I'm sure I'm repeating someone else's thoughts: possibly the most enjoyable episode since the best-of-year Honk Shoo masterpiece. This is in part because I, for the first time ever, found Horatio Sanz funny. I'm not one of the forumites who celebrates every single thing that is Earwolf but I'll step into their shoes for a few moments to say something I would never normally believe: Sanz can be funny and it was only a matter of time, apparently, before he was. Good stuff. I love those episodes that showcase the wide pop culture knowledge of the participants because it reminds me that the people that make CBB aren't kids trying to appeal to an audience of silly teens and 20-somethings.
  5. majoraphasia

    Episode 312 — Grounded Me@

    Segments like that are the reason why 1.5x and 2x playback speeds exist. Though I learned a new song today. So, you know, that's something. No matter. Decent enough episode and, more importantly, I'm done typing.
  6. One of the tracks on this planned sound effects album should be the sound Matt Gourley makes when he's stifling laughter: halfway between a cough and that beautiful noise made when one prepares to "hock a loogie". I do love that sound and know, when I see Gourley's name, I'll get to hear it dozens of times. No matter the podcast, no matter the character there by the grace of snot sound goes Matt Gourley.
  7. majoraphasia

    Fame (1980)

    Without a doubt. In the cold light of morning it seems like any case I could mount wouldn't be nearly as strong as that offered by a Saved By The Bell biopic does by merely existing. What can I do? A grassroots effort is in order.
  8. majoraphasia

    Fame (1980)

    I fully expect the much-deserved second look at Fame, the one that would reveal this movie's general shoddiness, to remain a desire held by me and only me. Though I offer this: the critics, at the time of its release, were divided on the film and the two Oscars went to the score and radio staple song. The one that you're humming right now. As for the claim that it revived the movie musical genre? That's debatable. Grease, released two years before, weathered the critical storm better and made about five times as much at the box office. Didn't have those Oscar wins, however. Still, Fame lives on in high regard despite my contention that nobody has really watched the movie in some 30 years, at least without nostalgia-colored glasses. It is a sincerely bad movie despite its status as pop culture wonder, a kind of inverse hidden gem. I will stand by this submission; it's not easy prey like Sharknado 2 (or any deliberately clunky movie designed to be a cult classic) but a bona fide failure that earns its bad movie status the only way a bad movie really can: through reaching really high and falling really short.
  9. majoraphasia

    Fame (1980)

    Looking through the recommendations, I see many movies that are generally (and honestly) regarded as bad, films that beg for 90 minutes of "can you believe ____?!" statements. But what are we to do with a film like the original Fame? It's bad in all the right places: the acting, the script, the editing... everything. Taking shots at an obviously bad remake would be too easy. The original film, a most exceptional cinematic abortion, is ideal Bad Movie Night Material. And you would never know while you hum along to the theme song, likely the only thing you know from the movie. I submit it as a special challenge for anyone looking to go further off the beaten path for bad movies. And all these years you thought it was a bulletproof classic.
  10. majoraphasia

    Episode 297 — Canadian Apparel

    Like Jekyll and Hyde but on a fairly heavy tranquilizer to even out both sides.
  11. majoraphasia

    Episode 297 — Canadian Apparel

    Because their voices are similar, I tried to imagine it was Matt Berninger of The National back on the show, playing a guy who loves nothing more than screwing female ducks.
  12. majoraphasia

    Episode 294 — Honk Shoo

    Relax. My point was that I find her funny despite my unreliable memory telling me that I don't. I'm not here to troll, insult guests, or raise anyone's blood pressure. A fan of the show, new poster, not a troll.
  13. majoraphasia

    Episode 294 — Honk Shoo

    I always see 'Jessica St. Clair' and debate deleting the episode without having heard a minute. There is no rational reason for this and this episode, the best one in months, proves that I have minor brain damage. It's got its good points and bad points.