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  1. Way into episodes like this. Was kind of surprised Ian never just said "you have to learn the rules before you can break them", but I think he did a good job presenting/defending his point of view. (And the other guy's perspective was never very compelling to me. Seems like he might be trying to stroke people's egos at the expense of a proper education.) The UCB folks seem like very thoughtful educators. (I'll have to dig into the improv manual again... bought it a while back but haven't finished it.)
  2. I love these high-concept episodes (like Whiplash).
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    Not the most original sentiment (and I apologize for not having read through this whole thread), but: I'm an Android user who prefers to download episodes, but I'm also not unhappy to pay a monthly subscription to Earwolf because of how much it brightens my daily life. So, in the abstract, I'm not especially opposed to this, but it really doesn't seem like an ideal implementation thus far.
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    Episode 10 — Fuego

    I just posted this in another thread, but it seems like "as good a place as any" to repeat it, just so folks know: (Edit: By the way, I now own a handful of Phish albums, and I'm seeing Phish live for the first time in a few days, mostly thanks to Analyze Phish.)
  5. Ditto. I really dig these episodes. I can think of at least two entirely understandable reasons as to why Besser wouldn't want to do this, but—for future Ask the UCB(-style) bonus episodes—I'd really appreciate occasional breakdowns/analyses of scenes. I'm reminded of when... I believe it was Gemberling and Rust who were brought in to discuss how one had denied the other in a scene. It was all in the spirit of fun, but I think it would be amazing for Besser (and maybe 1-2 other folks if he doesn't want to just lecture) to go back and analyze some scenes along similar lines to illustrate how The Game, etc are operating within it. Obviously, Besser wouldn't want to do this too often, but doing it just a few times a year could possibly increase folks' appreciation of the form beyond the immediate (and rich in itself) level of "oh, these folks are playing and creating something very funny and cool and coherent". (Again, I completely understand if he wouldn't want to do this at all.) (Also, I feel like I should say that I have bought the UCB Improv Manual. Otherwise this request feels especially greedy.)
  6. I humbly present to you this prospective What's Up Hot Dog Memorial Plugs theme, featuring the vocal stylings of Djames Adomian: "Comedy Body Bag (ft. Djesse Djentura)" (by Devin Wilson [me!]). (I saw that someone submitted a plugs theme tagged with "thall" on soundcloud. There must be something in the e-water.) https://soundcloud.c...n/comedybodybag
  7. I really hate to do this, but...! Unless I missed it (and I don't know how I would have), this still hasn't been used. I'd like to think it's because it simply got lost in the shuffle and not because it's somehow unacceptable... I thought I did a decent job, and hopefully I'm not being obnoxiously impatient here.
  8. I can't believe I downloaded the whole thing.
  9. Okay, Hooties, start blowing your fish!