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    K-k-k kold

    It's so cold you could catch a phrase up in here
  2. Stipewad


    Catch a phrase and you're sittin' on top of the world! do do do do do - do do do do do - do do!
  3. Yes - I love Coffee and TV - "seen so much I'm going blind and I'm brain dead virtually." Graham Coxon's "The Sky is Too High" came out around that time too and was probably his best solo album. Also - sort of an obscure Beside that I only stumbled across on youtube is "Fool's Day" - once that's in my head, it takes days of real work to get it out. The guitar lick is... like jelly.
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    I agree with AlmostAGhost - maybe the bright yellow and orange packaging helps it seem summery and happy, but the main vibe is sort of sad/wistful. I'm surprised neither scott nor scott mentioned the Dalkey Demo of Beat A Drum. I think it's probably better than the album version.
  5. Adam Scott Aukermen should cover Blur's discography next. There's no other way to go. Think Tank about it! Best Blur song: Beatlebum
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    All the Way to Reno is my least favorite REM song, but Beat A Drum is in my top ten. I liked the album a lot when it came out, but it wore me out after about six months or so... This is about where I started to drop off as a fan. I was still excited for Around the Sun, but lost interest in that even quicker than I did with Reveal. Up, for me, was really REM's last great album and I can listen to everything up to Up and still love it all the way through... Uh, anyway - love this podcast. Can't wait for them to interview Peter $
  7. Stipewad

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Thanks for posting this Scott. Your intro was perfect. Thanks for making me laugh. I hope Harris' comedy will help heal some of the pain your feeling...
  8. Uh... Scott (not Scott) mentioned that he downloaded the U2 christmas song (not the other U2 Christmas song) from Youtube using some "soft ware." Does anybody know how to do that? where you get the software etc.? what is the best/safest way to do it...? Thank you (and you too)
  9. Stipewad

    Thundercats! Ho-oh!!!

    Great one!