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  1. Brian_Eno

    Episode 451 - Wishing with The Grawlix

  2. Brian_Eno

    Episode 394 - Wisconsin Sugar Babies

    I live in Iowa and we have a Culver's it's honestly pretty kickass if the right person is cooking. I normally get a double with cheese curds, then get another double, on my "cheat days" I came to the boards just to say I love their burgers kthxbye
  3. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 391 - 2015 Holiday Spectacular

    I think Ho Ho went from drunk to quite drunk to sad drunk to sleepy drunk over the course of this show Great EP!
  4. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 384 — Numbers Cannot Lie

    Scott was stoned brooooooooos, he was like sooooooo wasted!
  5. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 31 - Wine Tasting

    Please have Bruce back on he was hilarious and somehow relatable even though he lives in a mansion! Probably because he sounds like my neurotic inner headvoicething.
  6. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 121 - Perfect: LIVE!

    Wow the HDTGM community is great
  7. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 382 — Doing It The Savage Way

    I thought PFT copyrighted his impressions by writing them down in a sealed envelop he mails to himself
  8. I'm gender-neutral-cotting the show until this is made right!
  9. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 381 — Kitchen Stand-Up

    I really really hope they didn't tell Nathan about the bit before hand!
  10. Dammit Paul hit the button/flip the switch softer! I'm kidding do whatever the hell you want you wonderful man.
  11. Brian_Eno


    Artists are generally better when they are starving! Keep em starving I say! NO MONEY FOR CONTENT! JK 1) Android is hard as hell to develop for. There are tons of different devices with different hardware and different versions of the Android OS. ( when you start writing code for android in the android IDE if you use the newest version it literally gives you a warning prompt that you'll be blacklisting around a billion people ) 2) People who buy iOS spent a lot of money on their phone so it's assumable they have disposable income. 3) The Howl vehicle provides you with content you might have paid more for in the first place! ( albums live eps etc ) 4) You can probably do the same thing I do with Netflix, get it for a couple of months and destroy all the content like a rabid content monster then cancel for a few months while they add content you are interested in! 5) CBB has been going for a long time and has possibly reached a point of saturation where it's becoming harder and harder to grow the listener base anyways so the ability for you to suggest podcasts to your friends that they should download just means they probably won't anyways cause they are lifeless dullards! 6) Also if Scott made true his words you can always point them to the Best Of Episodes 7) Getting a subscription makes me actually listen to more podcasts because I feel like I need to get my monies worth so I'm listening to all sorts of new crap! 8) This probably doesn't effect the average new listener much who looks at a top 10-20 list in comedy or whatever of podcasts and just downloads the very latest episode to see if they are into it. 9) Spotify pays like 0.008 of a cent per stream ( similar to Youtube ) I only hope these artists can get paid more than that! My main gripe is that I hope this doesn't become all encompassing and puts all of the big named podcasts behind a paywall with only the last 1 or 2 episodes being available for free ( not free because ads, I bought blue apron, harrys, and other various things ) Which would kick in my Orwellian triggers! All that being said I fully support this endeavor.
  12. Brian_Eno


    My wish would be for all my favorite CBB regulars to take dick pics from different angles and lighting and Cards Against Humanity uses them to releases a game called WHO DICK DAT?
  13. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 380 — A Colinary Journey

    I spent about 10 minutes coming up with a snarky comment about how much he looked like the guy from Queens of the Stone Age.
  14. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    Oops, actually yes I did, I'm just a horrible person! All these synths have fried my brain. That episode literally forced me to add Womp it Up to my Podcast applications.
  15. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    This is the first time I've heard Jason do a character ( or should I say out of character ) and it was great! meta A term, especially in art, used to characterize something that is characteristically self-referential.
  16. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 364 — The Marm of Smarm Returns

    How old is your daughter? I don't remember
  17. Two of my favoritist handsome buttholes!
  18. Scottie! *shoulder squeeze*
  19. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 362 — RomanTig

    I love it when Tig is on because she is one of the few people who is a bigger butthole than Scoot!
  20. So far this has bean my favorite episode of Spont, in fact one of my favorite podcasts in general! Paul should bust out into song more often!
  21. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 657 - Transracial

    WTF that's not the guy from Big Bang Bing Bong Theory!
  22. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 359 — TofuPeople

    As another resident of Council Bluffs (97 out of 100 most dangerous cities) I spit out my shitty tofu burger I was making that turned into mush after cooking (yes I also happened to be eating tofu while listening to this) when Horatio mentioned this butthole-tit city (at least it's not Alabama) This plus the Omaha reference on CBBTV made me super excited! 10 stars!
  23. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 353 — Goodbye Reggie!

    I still haven't watched any of the James Corden Late Show (mainly to see what Reggie is up to) cause at 11:30pm I'm always too busy having hot sex
  24. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 354 — Solo Bolo: Dos Lo

    This episode is two grown men acting like teenage girls and I love it baby!
  25. Brian_Eno

    EPISODE 352 — Scrunchy Face

    I'd wager a lot of people who listened to this episode who didn't know who Bernie Sanders was did a Wikipedia search, so the parody of him got his political viewpoints to people who wouldn't otherwise be exposed to them. Also, it probably made some people laugh along the way. Job Accomplished!