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  1. If lady bugs can be both sexes and wife beaters can be worn by people who aren't married, then why am I standing in a pool of my own blood?
  2. tglacroix

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Just a video of a kid that I went to school with a few years ago attempting to do a screaming vocal style to a deathcore song by Bring Me The Horizon called Pray For Plagues. I don't much like the actual band but the attempt at screaming is way worse and pretty hilarious. This kid is not autistic either, someone just took the video from his page before he took down the video and then reposted it as Autistic kid tries to scream. If you think this is funny there's also another video called autistic kid tries to sing and he tries to sing the song Hey There Delilah but has a cold and is pretty awful. Anyway hope you enjoy and thanks for watching whether you use the video or not. Also you can just start the clip at the start because he goes right into it.
  3. First and foremost I want to say that I love the book. That said the movie and especially Keanu Reeves, shit all over it. The book is a great creepy story that is so much more thrilling than the movie. I must say however that Gary Oldman by far does the best job and plays his character pretty well but Anthony Hopkins is just alright. Mostly though the film is comprised of bad effects, bad acting, bad script and bad accents. Bad bad bad bad!
  4. tglacroix

    Spring Breakers

    This is possibly the most pointless movie I have ever seen. Whats the story? not sure. Who are the characters? 4 pretty girls? Can you describe this movie without sounding drunk? Nope because I can't even describe the movie in the first place. Selena Gomez does nothing but complain and go home, another girl gets shot and just goes home and the other two fuck a Riff Raff look alike and then somehow without any actual gun training, attack a gang hideout in bikinis, kill everyone and drive into the sunset. And no i'm not drunk or on drugs this is simply the movie. YOU MUST DO THIS MOVIE TO PROVE TO ME SANE!! THIS IS INSANITY!