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    Why did they change the theme song?

    I hate the new theme. Please back the old one.
  2. Correction and Omission: The question was asked if Cowabunga first was used by Bart Simpson or the Ninja Turtles. The truth is, the origins of the word 'cowabunga' go all the way back to Howdy Doody. The word originated as 'kawabonga' and was frequently used as a nonsense Indian word by a Native American character on Howdy Doody named Chief Thunderthud. I am 39 years old, and I remember first hearing the word in the late 70s/early 80s from Cookie Monster on Sesame Street. He would often scream 'Cowabunga!' before diving into a plate of cookies.
  3. Gailard Sartain and Bill Byrge created the characters of Chuck and Bobby in a series of "Me and my brother, Bobby" tv commercials for Carden and Cherry's ad agency. The character of Vern whom Ernest would speak to in the Ernest TV commercials was only featured in one of the films, 'Ernest Saves Christmas'. In one of the five star reviews from Amazon, one of the reviewers mentioned that scenes were cut from the DVD that were on his VHS tape. These scenes included a conjugal visit with Mr. Nash's girlfriend, and a different ending. The reviewer must have taped the film off of NBC. These scenes that he mentioned were NOT from the final theatrical cut of the film. They were deleted scenes that were re-added into the film when NBC aired it. The theatrical cut, and the DVDs always ended with "I came, I saw, I got Blow'd up.", How did you guys fail to mention that really weird 'Coconut Tree Climbing' song that Chuck & Bobby were listening to in the bank? Man, that song was weird. Jim Varney was originally cast to play Stan Laurel opposite Gailard Sartain's Oliver Hardy in 'The All New Adventures of Laurel & Hardy in 'For Love or Mummy'. He was forced to bow out due to poor health. Ernest Rides Again was about Ernest riding down a hill on the back of a runaway cannon while people chase him. It was painful.
  4. KrazyJoeFiore

    Ernest Goes to Jail Corrections & Ommissions

    Interesting. Not a single Correction and Omission that we posted was used on the show.