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  1. be easy on me

    EPISODE 360 — Snow Dome

    I can't wait for Scott to make a pop culture reference that Jimmy won't get. I love it already.
  2. be easy on me

    EPISODE 194 — LIVE from DCM 17 Pt. 1

    Besser has totally stuck a finger up his butt.
  3. be easy on me

    Episode 214 — Time

    Maybe Tig was thinking of that Joe Wengert character who applied to go to Mars. Actually... just remembered Doug Doyzoice was rejected.
  4. be easy on me

    EPISODE 359 — TofuPeople

    Kumail getting so indignant during Would You Rather? was a real highlight for me. I'd like to hear Horatio and Mike Hanford on the show together just to hear two guys who can't keep their character stories straight go even further off the path.
  5. be easy on me

    Episode 90 — Brian Huskey, Our LIVE Friend

    I'm not going through all of these goddamn posts to see if its been mentioned already, but Sean and Hayes are on The Best Show with Tom Scharpling if anyone is interested.
  6. be easy on me

    EPISODE 193 — Into the Thunderdome

    Oh excellent. Glad he followed through on Tom's advice and threw it on bandcamp. I'll give a $1 to this. Tom's reaction to the song was hilarious... maybe the hardest I've laughed at The Best Show in a while.
  7. be easy on me

    EPISODE 193 — Into the Thunderdome

    Mark Kozelek is getting a lot of lip service on my podcasts. AP Mike from Tom Scharpling's Best Show made a parody song inspired by Sun Kil Moon that I found pretty damn funny: http://thebestshow.net/episode/worst-100-characters-percy-hobart-mike-krol/ (Starts with about 33:00 minutes left). Unrelated to that, but then Scharpling big upped Hollywood Handbook a little later. Andy Daly saying the Iron Sheik was funny made me laugh more than it should have. Amanda Sitko sounds like Lauren Lapkus' older sister. Andy Daly turning very Danny Mahoney was beautiful, and I'd like to see J Dawg added to his catalog of characters.
  8. be easy on me

    EPISODE 358 — Freddie Mercury To Me

    I've been traveling, but I'm catching up on CBB!, and I just wanted to say that Monday's Saygus (SEEEEEEEEEGAAAAAA) commercial made me laugh harder than any other commercial to date.
  9. be easy on me

    EPISODE 210 — Anticipation

    My god, that TJ Maxx. I actually had to go to the locker room at the gym because I was about to lose my mind on the gym floor.
  10. be easy on me

    Episode 209 — Best Of 2014

    Cool! Thanks for the information.
  11. I think Bob Ducca needs to come out of his hiatus and confront the bully talking about UCB.
  12. When I think of Jay Mohr, I think of a career propped up on Walken impersonations. Then I wonder how many people other than Pollack and Mohr tried propelling their careers on such an impersonation. I bet that shit was almost unbearable in clubs in the late 80s/early 90s. ::clicks the link to check it out:: Oh goddamn it! He has the fake mustache on the stick as his show's thumbnail. There is no way this goes well... Yeah, he sounds like he's perpetually stuck in high school, like not caring and seeming too cool for something makes him the coolest guy in the room and surrounds himself with minions who buy into his sycophancy. Completely unrelated, but back to the show... shit, that transition from Doug to the mayonnaise recipe was beautiful... not even acknowledging the phone call that just happened. Straight into the bit. Also, RC has every right to insult Coke.
  13. be easy on me

    Episode 209 — Best Of 2014

    Excellent accounts on all fronts. Wish I could see her, but I unfortunately live nowhere close to where she's touring (live in SE Asia). I'm pretty bummed because I flew into the US this past November for a wedding, and I could have seen her when she was in NY, but I had already booked my flight from NYC to NC for that afternoon. It helped to remind me to check all cultural events before booking tickets. And it was the now powerfully infamous topless Tig show! GAH!
  14. That's true. I guess the WTF interview made him seem a bit more human than in the past, but I had forgotten about that. Had no idea about the tragedy since I don't pay too much attention to him (only knew about the interview with the football player because a friend posted it on "the facebook," to quote Doug).
  15. That's so weird. Must have been trying to save face while he was on it. I remember feeling almost empathetic for Mohr on the WTF interview, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Then he interviewed a college football player from my favorite team and was really high on the guy, and I thought, "Maybe Mohr ain't so bad." I'll give this is a listen. Guess he's going in the opposite direction of the Richard Lewis and Marc Marons of the world.
  16. Also, I love when I think, "This will probably be wrapping up soon," and see another fifty minutes on the time stamp. You're too good to us, i4h.
  17. Really? I have no plans on downloading his podcast, but any summary of what was said? From what I remember, I was surprised by how willing Jay went along with everything, and I feel like the message board kind of felt the same way.
  18. be easy on me

    Episode 209 — Best Of 2014

    That's really cool, and really happy to hear it sounds like you're doing well since the surgery. I only mentioned the "weird" thing because in one of the intros (I think last week's) she added on the "and don't be weird" part at the end of her intro plug. Did she mention if this is stuff that will be in the HBO special?
  19. be easy on me

    Episode 209 — Best Of 2014

    I hope you said hello to her face and weren't weird.
  20. be easy on me

    Episode 209 — Best Of 2014

    Does anyone happen to know if there's a list of where the best-of clips came from by chance?
  21. be easy on me

    EPISODE 352 — Scrunchy Face

    My favorite thing about this board is how Stan shit on everyone for being fanboys last week and then goes total fanboy this week. Also, I feel like with the exception of over the top character voices, every argument based on Adomian (intelligent, references, research, etc.) is like reading and hearing why people used to think Dennis Miller was funny.
  22. be easy on me

    Episode 209 — Best Of 2014

    Pretty much. I'm honestly surprised it came this quickly.
  23. Goddamn it. I have nothing left to say that hasn't been said. I love Wild Horses.
  24. Appreciate it. I'll check that out.
  25. be easy on me

    Episode 207 — Modeling

    I love me some David, but this is a very accurate statement. I think it was his most recent solo episode, but I timed one question that went about a minute and forty seconds with his various asides, explanations, and clarifications. He loves him some stream of consciousness at times. But big time congratulations to him. Loved Maria throwing Tig for a loop by talking about her body. Del LaRue singing as a creepy casting director made me chortle more than it should as well. Dig Tig, Maria offering to take photos of Tig and cooking for, the Lita Ford story, and trying salmiak... This was a top-shelf thoughts level of Professor Blastoff. 2015 is a banner year for the gang.