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  1. Just to get it out of the way - I don't get the appeal of Sean and Hayes. I've listened to a few episodes, and they just felt flat to me, almost like an SNL bit turned into a podcast. However, given the love for it, I'd love to hear episode suggestions that might change my mind. Andy Richter is such an affable guy. He's just so damn observant and natural at either drawing attention to something or adding a ridiculous, but very fitting, question to the story. Andy Daly never fails for me. Riding the pendulum between indignation about the Prince taking erectile dysfunction pills to excitement about birthing through a vagina to stalking/watching a teenage Kate Middleton, sometimes I just feel like Andy Daly is my spirit animal. Unrelated, but I was listening to WTF (with Marc Maron) with Sam Seder on it, and I think PFT's Alan Thicke's is partially inspired by Sam. Definitely more than a few stutters and "urrrhhhs" from Sam during the interview.
  2. be easy on me

    Episode 206 — Micro-budget Filmmaking

    I'm surprised Washington, DC hasn't popped up yet in the discussion of worst cities. As much as I don't like some places, I feel like nothing will ever touch my disdain for that place. If it weren't for Dischord Records, I think an argument could be made for just burning it all to the ground. This episode was really good to listen to though. I have zero interest in making it in Hollywood, but I know a few folks who are, including one guy who's making and writing short films currently. I feel like the advice from Pickering is applicable across the board though - stop waiting for someone to tell you or give you the okay and just do what you're set on doing.
  3. be easy on me

    EPISODE 349 — The 6th Anniversary Show!

    Also, I can't believe after 105 comments there hasn't been one photoshopped picture of Scott riding a stake around the studio.
  4. be easy on me

    EPISODE 349 — The 6th Anniversary Show!

    Definitely agree with this. Honestly, I think the picking apart of Erin as Chad is bullshit. Scott and PFT were the ones who grabbed onto the verbal fumble of the penis teeth, and the other guests were definitely interacting, even if it was in a confused manner at times. It didn't fit perfectly with all of the guests, but it's not like her presence was an affront to everything that happened prior to her arrival. And regarding the Wild Horses working blue, what the fuck does that even mean? Mary Holland was crass in the Tom Green episode. Oh no! That absolutely means they've been relying on this, except for when they didn't when they had the live CBB! show in Austin that was derailed by James Adomian being the one to go way overboard. They've been killing it on WSGLL and i4h, but someone needs to tell those women not to be so nasty, right? Maybe if they do an over-the-top impersonation they'll be considered geniuses in their crassness. Overall, great episode though. Joe Wengert is so understated in his appearances, but he never disappoints. Mike Hanford still being clueless in his Beatles lore is continuously hilarious. And continually putting Paul Scheer on the hot seat while he was trying to figure his character out (even calling it a character) was the icing on this 6th Anniversary cake.
  5. be easy on me

    EPISODE 349 — The 6th Anniversary Show!

    I've heard of Thomas Middleditch, but Thomas Ditching in the Middle of a show?
  6. I kept waiting all day for the new i4h to download. Then I realized it's only Wednesday. Sometimes I just hate everything and the world in which it exists.
  7. be easy on me

    EPISODE 348 — Is Y'all My Daddy?

    Matt Gourley is damn national treasure. "Fuck them in the knuckles" was my breaking point. Call me crazy, but I love the JW Stillwater story. I'm always a bigger fan of characters who are invented rather than exaggerated people from real life, so JW is a favorite of mine.
  8. be easy on me

    EPISODE 204 — Nannying

    I feel like David has been operating at a different level these past few months. He's been pretty on it so far this year, and as a staunch defender of David, I'm happy to hear that. And Kyle's "butt stuff" joke... Jesus... slayed me.
  9. be easy on me

    EPISODE 347 — Foley Slumber Party

    Nick Kroll - I was suggested someone on Twitter, so I clicked on their profile, and apparently their whole Twitter profile is about exposing Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro on various charges. Seemed like the most random shit I've seen on the internet in a while. Kevin Pollak - Went off great. You could tell he was really happy about being on the show. Look forward to seeing the movie, even though the critics are panning it - looks like most of the negativity comes from execution rather than content though, which I think is pretty weak. His work on CBB! and his interview on WTF earlier this week convinced me I'll more than likely really enjoy it though. Seth Morris - I mean, come on... dude is just effortless in being hilarious. Best of the year material? Probably not, but another quality bonus episode in April.
  10. be easy on me

    EPISODE 347 — Foley Slumber Party

    Timeout... Exactly what I was thinking. I guess I'll fall on the sword because I'm sure Scott and Co. give so many fucks, but I'm guessing it's Andy Dick. I'm not sure if it's related to the incident in WV a few years ago or not, and I'm not sure if he had to register regarding that, but he's had a few run-ins with those types of incidents. Yes, I know too much about Andy Dick's WV incident, but it happened near where I grew up, so I was curious enough and semi-followed it through friends. Now, back to the program!
  11. be easy on me

    EPISODE 347 — Foley Slumber Party

    In case you haven't listened to it, you should check out the 4/20 episode of improv4humans. Seth is ridiculous. Operating at an unbelievable rate on the episode in spite of certain circumstances. Just crazy sharp.
  12. be easy on me

    EPISODE 346 — That Is Wild

    Nice catch. I kept thinking to myself where this Mary Holland character sounded so familiar from... that was indeed it. re: Tom Green - Like some have said, Tom's gonna Tom... the dead dog bit actually did fit into the therapy, even if it was a bit forced in there. It wasn't the complete non sequitur some want to make it out to be. Not to mention Tom even mentioned he shouldn't be talking about it, but Scott pushed him forward. Oh, and all seemed to be laughing and enjoying themselves many times throughout, so fucking deal.
  13. The juggalo/jiggalo mix-up. Maybe the best unintentional ending to a segment I've heard on here.
  14. be easy on me

    Episode 203 — Trauma

    The Molly Ringwald Curse is in full effect. It's hard to top her appearance, so now things are just getting weird.
  15. be easy on me

    EPISODE 345 — Shifting Bouncy

    Goddamn that's a cute dog. Looks a lot like mine, if I do say so myself. And I do. Another solid first timer. I've almost always found Kyle's characters in movies to be highly unlikable, so I guess that means he's doing a good job. But regardless, he was fantastic in his willingness to first dip his toe in and eventually dive in (singing at the end). Good work.
  16. be easy on me

    Episode 203 — Trauma

    I wonder if she offers advice for being traumatized by sleazy pick up artists.
  17. It's all part of an elaborate set up.
  18. be easy on me

    EPISODE 344 — Classic Switcheroo

    I thought Hansen had been on here before just by how at ease he seemed with everything. But nope, a newbie... and an impressive one at that. I always thought his character was understated on Party Down, so I look forward to checking out Resident Advisors.
  19. I'd say label mate Sharon Van Etten would also be a good grab.
  20. I was just singing the praises of Joe Wengert and Mary Holland a few weeks ago on Twitter. In the same tweet, too! So pumped to hear them together on this.
  21. be easy on me

    EPISODE 343 — Athlete's Head

    PS - Alicia Witt was fucking awesome. Talk about being a good sport and being game for anything. Looking forward to hearing her sooner than later.
  22. be easy on me

    EPISODE 343 — Athlete's Head

    Less than 8 minutes in, and I was already PFT off mic guffawing thanks to "big dumpy broad" and Marty Jannetty. I feel like this episode was pure kismet. I live on the other side of the world, so I get my podcasts in the afternoon. My wife was craving burgers on Monday, so we met up for lunch to have burgers, and I spent a 1/3 of the time doing really bad Victor and Tiny impersonations. And then, I returned to my computer to find this bad boy waiting for me. Maybe this will be the episode where the masses finally correct their mistakes and show Gino some love and put Victor and Tiny in a Top 3 end of year slot where they belong.
  23. be easy on me

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    I forgot to ask, did anyone notice how there wasn't a sponsor in the middle of this episode? Was that on purpose? Do you think they realized in editing that no company probably wanted to be associated with this asshat? Or maybe they just assumed a lot of folks would have turned it off by that point and didn't want to do that to a sponsor?
  24. be easy on me

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    Let's just get this out there: Who in the fuck booked this dude? But then again, he might have been booked to make him look like a complete and total piece of shit for the world to see. I live in SE Asia, and this guy encapsulates every skeezy sexpat I come across and want to rip in two. I brought up the page to see who the guest was, and I see a guy who looks like Tom Magliozzi (RIP) of Car Talk only to find out he sounds like the a real life version of Tom Cruise from Magnolia, which he's apparently proud of. I never thought I'd hear a guest I didn't like as much as the kid from the Teenagers episode, but you all blew my apparently very low expectations away with this guy. I wish someone would have told Dalton Wilcox this guy was a vampire, so he could have shown up at the Earwolf studio and taken care of business. However, this got to showcase what I love about David - he's no nonsense and no bullshit when he needs to be, and I really appreciate that in spite of the unnecessary shit he takes from people on here sometimes. The good news though is that if this shitbag can make it on as a guest, I'll surely have a chance when I submit my idea and am in LA at some point, right? I'm going to go cleanse my palate with some Professor Blastoff-ing with Mary Holland on Moons and Molly Ringwald.
  25. be easy on me

    Episode 201 — Dog Rescue

    Respectful disagreement. That's the true Earwolf way. Thanks for the thoughtful discussion. Can definitely see where you're coming from.