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  1. Fearful of classifying the catchphrase submission in the likes of Carlos Mencia joke stealing, but wasn't that catchphrase an old Robert Downey Jr meme?


    Joe Wengert is fantastic. Love the nuances that go into creating his story and the universe of his characters. So subtle, and never eager to reveal too much information.

  2. Besser is right - Slim knows how to control a crowd/room no matter how big or small. I remember seeing him for the first time well over ten years ago in a small setting, and he was playing like it was a 1200 seater. I saw him a good 12-15 times after that. I've been living overseas for 7 years though, so I'd like to see how he is now.


    Haven't finished the episode yet, just couldn't control espousing my love for Langhorne. He's a passionate dude, and his style should mesh well if his stage banter is any indication.

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  3. I'm just throwing it out there, but picking on that poor girl in the first "on the street" segment was bullshit. Either there was a complete misunderstanding of the immigrant experience, or everyone was being a piece of shit for the sake of being one, but it's pretty clear she wasn't talking about how to get to her physical home. She was talking about home as in the Philippines. Holidays are incredibly tough on immigrants, and many of them, regardless of why they're in the US, still consider where they're from to be home.


    So for Kevin to needle her, use the segment, and then have you all pile on her is pretty fucking low. I can guarantee you Kevin wouldn't go into an inner city area and then have you all make fun of black people in an "on the street" segment. But hey, they're an immigrant from Asia, so that's allowed for some reason. I mean, it's definitely not as rude or misguided or offensive as saying everyone from Arkansas is a racist.


    Also, can someone teach Kevin how to use the fucking equipment?

  4. I don't have much to add other than I'm really glad to hear Heynong Man was #1. I usually don't have vivid memories from podcasts, but I remember listening to that episode while walking around Yangon the first time I ever visited Myanmar. I was trying so hard to suppress the laughter that was boiling up continuously, and every now and then a nice chortle would release itself. A lot of locals were looking at me like, "Who is this crazy foreigner walking around in the rain giggling to himself?" It really couldn't have been a better experience.

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  5. As someone who has zero interest in ever going into comedy or improv, I found these to be fantastic. There really is a lot of stuff that can be applied to throughout various areas of your life or work or whatever in general.


    I will ask though... were the people asking the questions UCB students? If so, my god, I hope they're better at improv than speaking. It was like an NPR call-in show run amok. God bless the folks at UCB who have to handle shit like that regularly. I thought it was interesting to hear the different mentalities to it all as well, mainly due to generational differences it seemed like - the old school, straightforwardness of Roberts and the younger idea of "Well, I have this opinion, but you're right, too, and I don't really want to take a stand on it because that might be offensive to someone blah blah blah" (especially from Ptolemy).


    But in the end, really, thanks for doing stuff like this. It makes me respect those involved with the theater that much more.

  6. Shit. Robbie Fulks sounded absolutely incredible. I don't mind the musical guests at all either. Hell, I can't stand Dan Deacon's music, and that episode was great. One thing I would love to see though is Besser forcing the guest to do one short scenario with everyone... it could be a disaster, or it could lead to hilarity.


    Love hearing Mary Holland talk about Galax... spent a lot of time around that area. The formation of the band killed me. Fuck... the whole diner scene - brilliant. That was easily one of my favorite i4h moments ever. Fingering to Party of Five, jam music, talking about music and the tattoo in the restaurant, the butthole being a barrel, pink assholes... so many good parts.

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    I believe the last time Rust's CREEEEEEEPIES guy was on I found him annoying, but I actually liked him this time around. I think in between I began saying the word the way he does, all the time. Rust was a little shaky on staying in character this time around, but its one of those characs that gets me partly due to the fact that its not an amazing character to begin with, so some of the laughing is tongue in cheek, oh forgot its halloscream season, how about... Tongue in...... ass cheek?

    One of the first CBB's I listened to was Rust doing the "creeeeeeepies," and it also irked me to no end. And like you, something just clicked. And now I can't get enough of how ridiculously absurd it is. I mean, mini monsters at the water park? Come on!

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