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    Episode 285 — Solo Bolo

    I hate to post something negative with my first post on the site but Scott did say he wanted to know what people thought of this episode. I have to say it was hands-down the worst CBB episode I have ever listened to. One maxim about comedy I have normally found to be true is that if it sounds like the performers are having a great old time then the audience probably isn't. This show was just sounded like two mates in a room being extremely silly, with no direction or purpose. Which was obviously great fun for them, but not so much for me. What is great about CBB is the characters they come up with and the weird and outlandish places good improvisation takes them. This requires structure and creativity, not just random stupidity, never managing to stay on one topic for more than about 5 secs - and the singing - please stop singing I just found it very self-indulgent and I had to force myself to get through the show. I hope this doesn't come off as too mean, I really love the podcast normally. Also I don't mean to tell you how to do comedy just I noticed people complaining about criticism without explanation earlier in the thread so I thought I'd elaborate a bit.