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  1. Amazing episode!


    Surprised the conversation between Simon and Luda wasn't mentioned. 2 things stood out in particular:


    1. Simon 'blacking up' his speech to say "bi'ness" was extremely awkward. I wonder if that was the actor or the director's choice?


    2. Simon's last line of the scene is "I feel you, my giant brother"; not only is this again awkwardly 'street' for a priveleged 17 year old white kid, but it's also a pretty goofy attempt to make an intelligent reference to Big Brother (this movie positing the omnipresence of technology and cameras like Nineteen Eithty-Four)

  2. Listening to opening night of the CBB tour back in 2013, Andy Daly hilarious as Don Dimelo as always.


    It's made me wonder where the heck he's been recently? I can't remember the last time he was on CBB either live or plain... Pretty sure he has 0 appearances in 2016. Anybody know if there's any reason he's been absent? I miss him

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  3. Will Hines doing a spectacular job of just running with the random suggestions made by Jim and Scott. It's always great when a character is talking hilariously for like 15 minutes before they remember they actually had a "reason" they were on the show that they didn't get to yet.

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  4. and after two (hilarious) abortions recently when played with the Another Periopd crew and the Hollywood Handbook guys, it was delightful and hilarious to hear Would You Rather back and played so hilariously. They really made a good game out of what was not the greatest question. and good to hear Scott's scoring again

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  5. really funny episode, from beginning to end


    I love that Kristian has already settled into "friend of the show" status to the degree that Scott gets laughs out of openly antagonizing him.


    Also loving all the great new characs lately.


    totally! he fits in so well

  6. Guys, here's my understanding of the recording studio scene.


    As they're coming in Sonny says there's a bunch of pictures on the wall "for inspiration". They then go into the recording booth and he says "I've only seen them do this a couple of times before" and Kira puishes him, saying "do everything, go on press them all."


    It seems to me that there's allegory for drugs here. They give them to the artists "for inspiration". Sonny isn't quite sure how or which to take, but Kira encourages to "do everything". The trip they have is magical and deep, and that's why this time they see way more than "pictures on screens" on this occasion.

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