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  1. RachelElle

    EPISODE 383 — Return to Suicide House Part Boo

    Comedy Fang Fang is one of the things I look forward towards all year. Could listen to Jon Daly and Brett Gelman talk for HOURS as the Barons... Edit: Episode needed more Messmore and Beuford!
  2. RachelElle

    EPISODE 377 — Good Night In The Morning

    So. Much. Giggling. I LOVE IT! C+
  3. Dude. Duuuuude. You need to listen to all of her birthday party episodes & even just the ones with Wompler and Listler alone. The Marissa Wompler canon runs deeeeeep. And yes, they are all as ridiculous as this (although this might be my favorite so far).
  4. I wonder if Dabney and Don DiMello ever hang out.
  5. On my second listen already. I GOT DONGS ON MY MiiiiIND! INTO THE WOODS! INTO THE WOODS!
  6. The whole cramming the balls into the vagina receptor bit made me almost lose my balance while walking down a flight of stairs this morning. C+. Grep.
  7. RachelElle

    EPISODE 372 — Motown Tea

    Oh god. Haven't started yet but Hanford's clueless and dopey John Lennon is weirdly one of my favorite characters. Underrated.
  8. RachelElle

    EPISODE 371 — You Got PreDICted!

    Ever since Besser made a reference to the gossipy elephants from Dumbo being the Wild Horses, I can't imagine them as anything else, especially when they just talk over each other in rambling sentences haha. Love it!
  9. RachelElle

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    You're right. I think I had my reservations about U2 as a pretentious 20something but it's amazing how Scott and Scott actually managed to do this ultimate tribute to their favorite band. I started listening out of irony because I don't know anything about U2 and it seems like they kind of made the podcast out of irony as well because they're aware of how dweeby their U2 obsession is. But then it somehow evolved into like, being the only relevant U2 review at some point; their genuine love for the band showing through despite the nonstop bits, and then with this episode, just the fact that U2 is so eager to humor them totally humanized and made me like them a lot more. U2 weirdly brings a smile to my face now, just because this podcast is my point of reference. IM SO PROUD OF YOU SCOTTS
  10. RachelElle

    EPISODE 200 — 200th Episode!

    I love this show the most out of any other Earwolf. It's introduced me to so many hilarious people that I am now aware of and keep tabs on. I started studying improv this year too as a result and it's not something I can imagine not doing now... it's taught me a lot about myself and done a lot for my anxiety. That being said it's hilarious whenever Matt goes on some rant about how he's completely underappreciated at Earwolf, whether it's true or not haha.
  11. RachelElle

    EPISODE 358 — Freddie Mercury To Me

    References to Caesar's Palace two weeks in a row! CBB mind meld.
  12. held my composure through the entire episode but fucking LOST IT at the sleepover part cutaway "whoa.. easy. joan!"
  13. OMG this ending. Matty B runs this town...
  14. Oh crazy. I'm going on an improv retreat with my theater next weekend and David Razowsky's actually going to be teaching a workshop or two there... *rubs chin* Kinda disappointing to find out the personality of this guy.
  15. RachelElle

    EPISODE 352 — Scrunchy Face

    Yeah going back to the reaaally early episodes always throws me off because it's a different Scott
  16. RachelElle

    EPISODE 8 - A Superyacht

    God I always wish these were longer!
  17. Hahahaha I love Uncle Besser's exasperation with his 14 year old nephew Lauren Lapkus. "I wanna take you seriously but then you say things like 'I pee in my butthole'.".
  18. Haha oh god I love that other people hopped onto the forums to talk about this moment. I'm here now as a result of that. Favorite part was when Thomas was like "Stop it!" like he was talking to a small animal or a baby. Bahaha!
  19. This episode was fucking flawless...oh my god.
  20. I can't stand how attracted I am to Gutterballs as a result of how softly Zouks speaks in character as him.
  21. RachelElle

    EPISODE 183 — Tatertown

    Havent finished listening to the episode yet, but I was following Besser's Twitter when he was undergoing the whole Hillary thing in real-time... I noticed all these accounts with iterations of the word "Gubler" in their usernames tweeting nonsense at Matt @replying at his initial angry tweet and I was like... what the fuck is a Gubler? And then I found out that Gubler is like the name of the monologist that evening for ASSSSCAT. And all these Twitter accounts were like, 14 year old superfans of his... the timelines were disturbing and reminded me of my own 14 year old self when I was obsessed with various celebrities. Like every tweet involved some strong emotion and this Gubler guy. And there was so much unbridled rage at Besser for like, interrupting this beautiful moment with Gubler or something. Whatever part of the brain drives that fixation on a person during adolescence, it's... I... I do not miss that time of my life.
  22. RachelElle

    EPISODE 3 - A Secret Society

    I appreciate that both this podcast and CBB drops on Monday mornings, it really brightens up the beginning of the work week for me, as cliche as that complaint sounds.