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  1. i would follow james adomian to the ends of the friggin earth
  3. RachelElle

    Episode 172 β€” Big Grande

    I felt like Matt was struggling to take control of some of the scenes but I also found myself zoning out a lot during this episode so maybe I just need to give this another listen. I believe you!
  4. RachelElle

    Episode 172 β€” Big Grande

    These guys are definitely sketch people and not improv dudes.. felt like the scenes so far have been kind of lacking any real "game" but they seem like good sports. Never thought that I would have consumed so much improv that I could spot when something's amiss but here I am. So many off-mic giggles though! I always like when the talent cracks up.
  5. RachelElle

    Episode 331 β€” Secret Superlatives

    I know, I had to pause and write that one down somewhere.
  6. I somehow always forget that's part of the show and am floored every fucking time the episode cuts to one.
  7. Me too! I feel like I never learned what the followup to that was and I'm so pleased to know that it was legitimate. How nice.. I want one!
  8. Lauren's soon to be ex-dentist needs to get punched in the throat, man.
  9. RachelElle

    Episode 329 β€” Too Much Tuna Tour

    Yet another "flippin' through vaginas" reference fail from Scott. (why have I made tallying this my personal assignment?)
  10. RachelElle

    Episode 328 β€” Beatle Heaven

    Monday's ep kinda felt like a fever dream..
  11. RachelElle

    Episode 327 β€” Bang! Bang! Into Your Mouth!

    I love how many times Scott has tried to make the "flippin' through vaginas" bit a thing since its original inception and how it goes completely unacknowledged or over everyone else's head every time...
  12. RachelElle

    Episode BO2014.1 β€” Best of 2014 Pt 1

    That's more Adam Scott Aukerman territory.
  13. Scott and Scott's "Viva la Vida" cover made me choke at my desk.
  14. RachelElle

    Episode 326 β€” 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    The PFT off-mic giggles were especially enjoyable today. So many audible "hee hee!"'s.
  15. RachelElle

    Episode 326 β€” 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    yes! and no... i kind of adore the fact that i don't have a solid grasp on what they look like
  16. RachelElle

    Episode 326 β€” 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    Matt Besser as Bjork is one of my favorite underrated characters. I had to finally go see what Improv4Humans was all about after her first maniacal appearance.
  17. RachelElle

    Episode 326 β€” 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    THIS LINEUP!!!! :'D
  18. RachelElle

    CBB In Your Life

    Have busted out the "technicality no down boo over" a couple times when someone's used the word "technicality". I can't help it. It's like saying Cake Boss. (Cake boss!)
  19. RachelElle

    CBB In Your Life

    Same. The situation I'm in is that all of my friends still consume general media and at this point there have been so many guests on CBB that I'll be watching something "normal", I'll see a guest that I've heard on CBB before and burst into this whole "OMG THAT PERSON! OVER THERE! THEY WERE ON THIS REALLY HILARIOUS EPISODE OF CBB AND THIS HAPPENED blahblahblah reference is no longer funny comment is no longer relevant people start wondering when I'll stop." It's like the "your dream is only interesting to you"-effect. And I think it's safe to assume that all listeners of CBB have been bit with the "it's been"/"it's been a while" virus.
  20. RachelElle

    Episode 150 β€” Time Bobby

    All I want in life right now is more Time Bobby.