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  1. The episode with Weird Al and Garfunkel & Oates remains one of my all-time favorite CBBs, if only because Scott has rarely laughed harder than he did when Riki returned from her impromptu bathroom break.


    Taking a listen now, thanks for the suggestion! I feel like I glazed over a lot of the earlier episodes but wowee I love listening to these humble beginnings. Scott just mentioned that Weird Al is probably the most famous person that will ever come on the show.

  2. Also, Fourandahalfvel the Rottweiler Pony Boy? He's just a little baby boy's baby boy.





    Man I for one wish Fourvel never appeared on the TV show... it's really impossible to not see that in my mind's eye when I hear Fourvel now, whereas before I really could picture a small orphan boy.

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  3. the "it's been" bit at 16:00 made me choke on my own spit and send it shooting up my nose... i listen to CBB at work so sometimes i try too hard to contain my laughter but that shit caught me totally off guard. from scott's strange outburst to fourvel chiming in at the end holy fuck.


    i went back and listened to that one bit like maybe six times.

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