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  1. is it just me or does Hayes look like a real psycho in this photo? Hmm.... I'm a little concerned. Do we know which of Hollywood's brave actors is going to portray the Joker next? Is it possible that Hayes is dipping his toe in the ol' acting pool again? Because that's one of the only explanations I can think of for this truly sociopathic look he has here.
  2. What a great day in history. Trump lost something, that groundhog said some nice stuff, and Americas greatest Friends are reunited! Makes me feel so nice.
  3. Did you guys see that pic of a creepy cricket Sean posted on Instagram today? Any thoughts on crickets? My feelings on them are ..... ... MIXED.
  4. SteveH, I have two people I'd like to add as potential subjects for the celebs to hate podcast: 1. The guy from the Trivago TV ads (he clearly makes moms turned on, and that is NOT OKAY) 2. Katie Brown from Katie Brown's Workshop on PBS. Pack it up, Katie, no one's interested.
  5. Yes - look at your shirt right now. Does it say "Family"? No, it does not, because you are not in my family. There will be a documentary about my D someday, but probably not about his garage computering, probably just him taking into a camera Errol Morris style. He is so smart that I bet the documentary will be a huge mega hit.
  6. I liked this episode, though Tom Scharpling seemed kinda mad and mean the whole time - not sure why, Sean and Hayes were giving him some great notes. I think it is hard for some people to accept help. Here's a picture of my D (Dad):
  7. THANK you for your friendship Valerie -- I do not take it for granted! I appreciate your scholarship on the new Big Brother cast members - I think it is hard to tell who to root for so far, because they all seem to be lying, and of course that is cool, but it's hard to tell who is ACTUALLY smart and who is just only lying. So far, I think the dentist guy who just YELLS CONSTANTLY (thank you for pointing that out, Chanson) is probably the worst person, mainly because he cannot seem to control the volume of his voice. I bet he will have an equally hard time landing any kissy partners on the show.... As he is unappealing in almost every aspect (and he was shit at holding on to a log). I am excited for the episode tonight. I wonder if Julie Chen will learn a new type of emotion to express -- I'm guessing not, but the suspense is killing me! Valerie + Fleergen = BFFS 2015 rotflmao
  8. Can I post on this forum even though I don't have a pet? Facts about me: I am a girl. I don't have any pets. I think HH is great. Hayes and Sean are so nice and funny and smart that I went back and listened to the Reality Show Show and now I'm watching the Bachelorette and Big Brother and I'm just wondering -- is there a place for that kind of conversation here as well? Because those shows are, I'm now realizing, pretty good.
  9. I also really love Thursdays -- but do improvisers know that when they make prolonged wet mouth sounds I have to RIP my headphones from my ears. I couldn't even listen to that make-out scene, which is a shame, because all three of those improvisers (and Besser) were on point this episode.
  10. In this version, Todd is the Wedding Planner, of course...