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  1. Dammit! This is exactly why I almos5 didn't listen to Nerd Poker! I KNEW I wouldlove it and would have to eventually see it end.


    Now I have to fill that void with meth and Jack Daniels.


    No, not really, Sarah.


    But, I had a couple of marketing ideas that would havemade you guys lots of money.


    One, llow fans guest play, sort of. They skype into an episode, but, they play as a ghost whose actions have absolutely no affect, nor effect, on the party...ie: the group encounters yellow giants. While the regular plays take their actions, the dm asks the guest player what he will do. The guest player says he attcks the giants. And, because his actions don't effect anything, he succeeds, and then waits to see the outcome of the team. He can talk to the team, but, nthe team can completely ignore him, if they choose, since he is an aberration...a host that is just there.


    Of course, charge a significant amount, say $100.


    The other was a design for a stargoyle that actually sucks hot air through the mouth and releases cold air through the pooper, as Sark described a soul scrubbing. I got the idea because you commented a lot about the heat.


    I held back the idea because I could not find whether stargoyle was a copyrighted idea. Instead, I am working on a series of creatures that do the same things...drangons, bears, whales, etc.

  2. That video was disturbing. A woman that fat, you shoot her and the bullet will ricochet through the fat folds for two days before reaching anything vital.


    Okay, so I hunted down this clip for everybody




    And also, about that title - I see your Haunted Anus, and a I raise you a Haunted Vagina. As a comic fan and a nerd, I wonder if Brian has ever heard of the infamous "Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose (Issue 53)", by Jim Balent? I heard about it from Linkara's Atop the Fourth Wall Youtube show, and apparently it's kinda well known because of one simple - baffling - line:




    No context for anybody :)/> Y'all can look it up yourselves - you'll probably end up going to the Invincible Super Blog like I did. Have a fun read about a terrible book!

  3. Well, without Lyra, the bird will never come back.


    What I find a little hard to deal with is, other than surviving from episode to episode, I don't see a real goal for the group. There might be one, and I somehow missed the episode where it was explained.


    If Blaine needs a goal, consider adapting a Clint Eastwood movie to the game.

    For example, if he adopted a Dirty Harry story, the group would be looking for a killer. Or, Unforgiven, some giant whore got cut up, and the group is going to get the guy who done it. Or Eiger Sanction...well, maybe not that, because I have no idea what that was about.


    But, when everything that moves is out to kill them, always, it just seems repetitive.


    Having said that, our weekly dnd sessions go from 6pm to 11 pm, so when it is broken into 1 hour chunks, maybe it just seems slow since we do in one night what this group does in a month. Plus add the time that is spent joking about other stuff, maybe Blaine is moving them toward something.

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  4. Every time I see the anti-smoking ad before the show, I am more and more tempted to just shut the show off. As a consumer of tobacco products, I am offended. And, don't think the hypocrisy of a group whom I am sure enjoy smoking of one sort or another, has gotten past me.