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  1. Yeah, that's why he's always shoving globes up peoples butts
  2. cameronobrian

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Too scary. (Nailed it!)
  3. cameronobrian

    Episode 76 — Hal Rudnick, Our Close Friend

    I like most posts that I read on here, unless they're about a state I have no real opinion on, or if the person that made the post has ever made or liked a post in the past that I disagreed with in any way. I'm sure most of us have the same policy around here.
  4. She was the Catherine Keener in Step Brothers
  5. It takes me until my lunch break at least, and by then the conversation has already moved on to pictures of pets, laptops, and toilets
  6. cameronobrian

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    I've "liked" for less
  7. cameronobrian

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Still happy with your decision to not include a "dislike" button, Earwolf?
  8. cameronobrian

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Haha, I missed that post apparently. Those are surprisingly good guesses by you! I just moved down here this past July and all my friends told me I'd like East Austin the most, so I'm in Upper Boggy Creek. I like it a lot here, but I really like Clarksville too
  9. cameronobrian

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    At least give the guy a like to soften the blow....
  10. cameronobrian

    Episode 68 — Erin Gibson, Our Close Friend

    I believe in a babies right to choose whether to be vaccinated or not. Cut the cord already, moms!
  11. cameronobrian

    Episode 67 — Jes Macallan, Our Close Friend

    I'm really liking this new, longer format. 2 hours and 38 minutes of HH in the last two weeks!
  12. Wow, I picked a bad week to listen to this episode a couple of days late. Not even going to try to catch up to this thread. See you guys/gals next Tuesday at 6 AM
  13. cameronobrian

    Episode 65 — Dan Klein, Our Close Friend

    After spending the morning refreshing my podcast app every 2-7 minutes, checking the Hollywood Handbook Facebook page, and googling "Hollywood Handbook Twitter," I'm now wondering why this wasn't my first stop. I really hope this is just a delay due to a crossover episode of some sort, or to sync up with a Weird Al CD release date...
  14. cameronobrian

    Episode 62 — Jarrad Paul, Our Close Friend

    All those months I spent lurking here, looking at pics of strangers' D's and even step D's, watching videos of Earwolf table unboxings, reading discussions about rap music, reading reactions to forum fan fiction... and this whole time there were actually forums that discussed my favorite podcast, itself!?
  15. cameronobrian

    Episode 61 — Pauly Shore, Our Close Friend

    I used to love A Goofy Movie. I mean, who didn't get goosebumps at the end when they actually got to go up on stage with Powerline?