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  1. Kneel Arm Strong. Crouch Leg Weak.
  2. I've heard of 'catchphrases', but 'cat's phrases'? Meow!
  3. John, Paul, George and Ringo, touch my hairs, that's a bingo!
  4. Sansbinho

    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    Just to address the St John-Smythe thing......being English I can confirm that "St John" is indeed sometimes pronounced "Sin-jun". Just as the surname "Featherstonehaugh" has been pronounced "Fan-shaw" and the Oxford College "Magdalen" is said "Mawd-lin". There are a few of these examples in English and quite honestly I think it's a class thing. Upperclass bellends like the twattish names I guess.
  5. Man has dreamed of such miracles, so why not finger that goat?