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  1. It was free for years, and from my understanding, the hosts do get a share of the profit. To me, to act like people are greedy for charging $4.99 a month for hours and hours and hours of work is ridiculous. I honestly think they could charge a lot more and I'm grateful that the cost is so low. I believe the old tour bundles were like $20 or $25, or you could buy one episode for $2.99. If anyone is greedy, it's you for wanting it all to be free and to keep the hosts and staff from being paid for their hard work. I haven't read anything from old/current hosts complaining about their show no longer being free, so stop acting like you are pissed 'for' them. You are mad because you don't get it for free.
  2. I've listened to most of these podcasts since they started and any long-term real fan wouldn't be whining about this. Add up the time from all the content you get and divide that by five...it's basically all still free. I've discovered hilarious new specials like Teacher's Lounge that I wouldn't have found without subscribing to howl and I'm happy to pay the small fee. In regards to people that have donated over the years, I don't want to speak for them, but I can't imagine them being so upset since the cost of howl is a small fraction of what they donated. I haven't donated, but I did buy the old tours and live episodes before howl and I'm not mad that people now can get them all cheaper than what I originally paid. Making all these shows costs money...I don't get why people have a sense of entitlement that they should have free access. You have bigger issues that you should deal with if you can't afford to pay $5 a month.
  3. mremu

    ice-t question

    Yeah, he did on the tour. It turned out that Ice T and The Belz are doing a spin-off of L&O:SVU...Law & Order: Extra Special Victims Unit, where the crimes go beyond particularly heinous, and into the realm of WHAT?!
  4. https://soundcloud.com/mremu/go-plug-yourself-feat-gucci-mane-jay-z-and-cake-boss
  5. mremu

    Recommendation episodes for new listeners.

    I love all of Tim Heidecker's episodes. My favorite one with him is Repeat your Keyword. Can't go wrong with Lauren Lapkus either. Her Todd character is hilarious, but my favorite with her is when she plays Regina Crimp. Playing the person who's ticket to fame is being the theme song singer for the America's Funniest Home Videos is just so oddly specific and her constantly breaking character laughing is hilarious and on par with a distant PFT laughing in the background.
  6. mremu

    Epsiode 300 Predictions

    I hope it's a continuation of the golly episode. I thought a second part was going to air the following week and was so disappointed when it didn't. There has been a bunch of episodes where they talk about stuff not being canon, so I don't see why they can't say the same thing with this episode. There were some of Andy's characters that weren't used yet, so I would love if they would show up as part of the story. I want the nurse to return!
  7. Womping it up on a Monday. https://soundcloud.c...ouch-my-titties