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  1. alabao

    Episode 438 - Hair Take It

    this is great so far! i love these people together. i especially like when things get super giggly (vermouth/remove). good stuff.
  2. alabao

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    we get it -- you don't like girls. back to your treehouse now, mikey.
  3. alabao

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    damn, aparna was hilarious. saw her for the first time on conan the other day - really like her stuff.
  4. alabao

    Episode 412 - Little Whittle Whistle

    love love love cameron. i always enjoy her on podcasts and her standup (non-tv) is so natural, hilarious & engaging. looking forward to hearing this one, especially with pft -- you can't really go wrong. on a side note, there are definitely a lot of guest comedians featured on this podcast that i don't find funny, but i never go out of my way to let everyone know "ugh...this comedian sucks!" i just know that they're not my cup of tea and move on. comedy, is of course, subjective as fuck. but let's not gloss over the fact that there are reasons a certain people seem to go after her more. y'all can figure it out.
  5. geez, exactly. plus there are only a handful of lesbian comedians. do you know how much "straight" material everyone has to listen to compared to the "gay" stuff. most people aren't usually exposed to a gay lady's point of view anyhow, and it's super refreshing. somehow you're already so very tired of it. i think the issue here is why you have such a problem with the material. also, cameron, keep on keeping it gay as hell. this world needs more of the gay. gay gay gay!
  6. alabao

    Episode 290 β€” Shed Busting

    Todd always brings the realness. It's interesting, though, how Scott couldn't think of the number one reason public bathrooms are segregated: women's safety. That seemed like an obvious first thought, at least to me. It really makes it obvious how for men & women it always comes down to humiliation vs. actual murder. On a lighter note, this one had such great rapport and managed to be consitently funny throughout.