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    Moderator of the Earwolf subreddit, and obsessive Miami Dolphins fan, which has caused my liver to suffer.
  1. Leon The Leprechaun

    Best Of 2016 - Vote Now!

    Hope it's not too late to get some votes in. 265 - (44:53 - 50:39) Twitter Suggestion/Question from Listener - "When was the last time you lied about having seen a movie or tv show?" - Avoiding engaging in a conversation about guacamole 263 - (45:26 - 56:01) Question from Listener - "What’s the biggest 'I immediately regret doing this' decision?" - Professor Bong-Hit won’t leave the party 259 - (43:39 - 50:28) Intro Question - Did you like your first pet? - Programming very realistic deaths for virtual fish - (50:40 - 53:27) Intro Story - Drug dealer who won't say what drugs he sells - A playful drug dealer 258 - (4:20 - 10:08) Intro Story - Mike Mitchell took a stray cat to the vet - Mike traps everything and everyone that looks a little skinny 222 - (38:40 - 51:04) Let’s Talk Some More About That - "Who is the worst person on Making a Murderer?" – Easily swayed jurors 225 - (1:40 - 14:28) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “Foxglove” - A band goes on a camping trick for inspiration, but gets murdered 230 - - (34:24 - 46:35) Question from Listener - "What was the last thing that made you ridiculously happy?”– Trump tries to be nice 243 - (45:48 - 1:01:53) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “If I Had A Gun” - Using booby traps for home security 247 - (36:46 - 46:44) Let’s Meet The New Interns - Where are the interns from? - A combat robot that thinks it’s Marilyn Monroe
  2. Leon The Leprechaun

    Episode 128.5 - Minisode 128.5

    Said it a couple other places, but if Paul is reading this as well -- I moderate the Earwolf subreddit, and we would love to have Paul on for an AMA. Let me know either on Twitter or by messaging me here, but we can get him started whenever he's ready (although we have a couple more lined up, not sure how soon he wants to do it, but regardless we can figure it out)
  3. Leon The Leprechaun

    Ask Paul!

    Hey Paul! Listened to today's minisode and heard you say you'd like to do a reddit ama. I moderate the Earwolf subreddit, and would love to have you do an AMA on there! You can either tweet me @Leprechaun_Leon or message me on here for more details, but we can absolutely do one on there. Contact me if you're interested Paul! We'd love to have you on there!
  4. Leon The Leprechaun


    Honestly these changes don't affect me in a negative way at all, I'm more than happy to throw 5 simple dollars at a company that's given me thousands of hours of entertainment. But I do hope they consider having a premium RSS feed, with like a password or something. (I don't know exactly how the tech side of it works) But something that way I can pay for the content -- and still listen using my favorite podcast app. I don't mean this in an offensive way to HOWL or Earwolf -- I again like the idea of getting more content, but I like having all my podcasts in one nice organized area.
  5. Leon The Leprechaun


    Okay, I can respect that decision I suppose. Definitely please work on pumping out an android app as soon as possible then. My next question -- I moderate the Earwolf subreddit, and we're constantly having people ask what are the recommended episodes for getting into shows -- the most popular suggestion is to go through the backlog and find a guest that interests you and listen to their episode. In fact a couple years ago when I first started listening that's how I got into podcasts -- I specifically remember going into Comedy Bang Bang and downloading episodes with Bob Odenkirk and John Hamm (two guests that haven't been on in over 6 months) So I guess in short my point is, in my opinion howl doesn't make it easier for new listeners, but harder. I suppose a workaround is to take advantage of the free trial and listen to some archived episodes. So will the free trial remain a thing in the future?
  6. Leon The Leprechaun


    Hi Scott, first off I'm actually excited for the direction Earwolf and the podcast medium is taking in producing mini series and podcasts and such. I'm a VERY big consumer of podcasts, and have listened to the backlogs of....several. So I have no issue with wanting to take this approach with howl and will sign up immediately. However I do have one very important question -- which is that I like to listen to Earwolf podcasts, and non-earwolf podcasts. I enjoy all of this being on one app (for example the app I use is pocketcasts) So in short, if I pay for Howl premium will I still be able to use pocketcasts for the backlog of earwolf shows or would I have to use the howl app?
  7. Leon The Leprechaun

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    Who knew all you needed to do to pass your exams in college is be the last one standing?
  8. Leon The Leprechaun

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    Hey cool, Hayes and Sean mentioned us fuckin' jokers over at reddit. This was such a great episode, congrats to you lucky people who got to meet with the coolest cats in Hollywood
  9. Leon The Leprechaun

    Better mobile support for the forums / earwolf forums app?

    That's good at least. Follow up question -- Is the Howl app going to be an android app at some point then?
  10. I asked Scott Aukerman this the other day on his reddit AMA, but I was redirected to bring it up directly with Earwolf. Short story is basically when I listen to podcasts, and when I want to discuss podcasts I usually am on my smartphone, and the earwolf forums here are great on a desktop environment, but it could certainly have better mobile support -- or even better an earwolf forums app. Curious if anyone working at earwolf is currently working on this or if it's been discussed? I'd love to get more active on here but the site isn't very mobile friendly.
  11. Leon The Leprechaun

    Episode 83 — Nick Kroll, Our Close Friend

    Hey Sean, one of my favorite things ever done on the podcast was the trilogy of the Cards against humanity ads. here's a video I made awhile back, I think this would be perfect on a best of episode.
  12. Leon The Leprechaun

    Episode 66 — Paul F. Tompkins Again, Our Close Friend

    I always listen, I'm just usually on reddit and not on the forums. Figured I'd finally get on here with you fine folks
  13. Leon The Leprechaun

    Episode 66 — Paul F. Tompkins Again, Our Close Friend

    Listened to both Hayes and Seans episodes yesterday. Great episodes. I'll be checking out more from them as they release it.