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  1. brandondryrock

    Episode 4 - Sarah Palin Can See In The Dark

    The Craig Rowin part had me in tears. It was amazing.
  2. brandondryrock

    EPISODE 124 β€” Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    Great ep of BAB
  3. brandondryrock

    Episode 403 - This Ain't Now, This is Then

    Waking up to see this episode posted is better than waking up on Christmas morning.
  4. This episode was fantastic. The Milk Carton Kids were hilarious, and mixed in well with Matt and co.
  5. Was this episode secretly an ad for Papa Johns? Because now I want some pizza pie from the Papa himself.
  6. We need Natalie Scoppapapalee and intern Gino on an episode of CBB now. I think this is my favorite episode of WSG so far. It is so funny.
  7. brandondryrock

    Episode 86 β€” Ross Mathews, Our Close Friend

    Aloha to this podcast. And you can interpret that either way you want.
  8. As good as this episode was, I feel like a best of episode should include some bits from the Tommy Middleditch episode. Just my opinion. Other than that, really enjoyed Rashid. Finally an engineer that "gets it."
  9. brandondryrock

    EPISODE 351 β€” CBB: The Movie

  10. brandondryrock

    Episode 83 β€” Nick Kroll, Our Close Friend

    Get what? Get that d?
  11. brandondryrock

    Episode 83 β€” Nick Kroll, Our Close Friend

    Pretty disrespectful that Nicky Kroll couldn't change his outfit between his appearance on Hollywood Handbook and WSGLL.
  12. brandondryrock

    EPISODE 82 β€” Neil Casey, Our Close Friend

    Sean can you post a picture of your sick diorama from Catcher in the Rice??
  13. Love the XFL reference at the beginning. IT'S BEEN A WHILE...since I posted on this forum. Hello forum people
  14. brandondryrock

    Episode 71 β€” Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend

    I loved this video until I saw that Broncos logo. Fuck that shit. Also I gave you a thumbs up. That impression was amazing. I legitimately laughed out loud when you said "Will Cosby."
  15. brandondryrock

    Episode 71 β€” Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend

    RIP Harris. I've been listening to Earwolf podcasts for about a year now, and when I learned who Harris was, I was so happy. Parks and Rec is my favorite show, and getting to know Harris' humor, I felt like at times I could pick out which jokes he wrote. His appearance on CBB as Jack Sjunior is one of my all time favorite podcasting moments. Harris became one of my favorites. I re-watch P&R all the time, and it makes me smile seeing him go from writer to executive producer over the seasons. I don't normally get upset about deaths of people I don't know personally, but this one hit me hard yesterday. I'll be re-listening to a lot of his appearances on Earwolf over the next few days. Stay safe out there people! You all are awesome. (ignore that mouse cursor)
  16. brandondryrock

    Episode 71 β€” Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend

    I liked Sean and Hayes' analysis of The Daily Show. It was very smart and insightful. Nicole Byer was hilarious. I want some shark water. My thoughts from this episode.
  17. brandondryrock

    EPISODE 174 β€” Whiplash Ft. Armen

    So after learning what Whiplash is, I re-listened to this episode, and it is incredible. I love all the experimental improv that has been going on with this show, between the trilogy featuring the roommates, and now this episode. They have all been great. Keep up the good work Besser!
  18. brandondryrock

    EPISODE 174 β€” Whiplash Ft. Armen

    One of the comments on Soundcloud says that this episode is "painful," which we all know from HH that "painful" on the internet means it is great.
  19. This is the first episode without a woman guest in a long time. Does this mean that woman isn't funny anymore?
  20. One thing Sean should have touched on in the Thanksgiving podcast is how religion was the reason for the pilgrims for murdering the Native Americans, and it is religion that causes all the wars. I know Hayes doesn't like when Sean gets on his soapbox, but this seemed like a perfect time for Sean to do so.
  21. No. I understand why you might think that because you have a dracula monster as your avatar, so you're probably friends with ghosts. But they have proven in the past that ghosts are scary and spooky and NOT good.
  22. Few thoughts from this episode: 1. Seth was pretty disrespectful at times. 2. Sean and Hayes were funny and smart. 3. Seth was funny, but not smart by talking about ghosts. 4. Seth was offensive making jokes about weed. 5. Seth was a good guest. Anyway, grep, 5/5.
  23. Came here to literally say this. Great post.
  24. brandondryrock

    Episode 69 β€” Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Pardon my français, but that bull cut is fuckin' bitchin'
  25. brandondryrock

    Episode 69 β€” Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Andy is that your van in your avatar?