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  1. JusMishMash224

    Episode 255. A Very Nutty Christmas

    i cannot believe the gang didnt comment on the "movers with a union moving van", remember they are wearing fake handlebar mustaches and one guy is eating string cheese non stop..
  2. JusMishMash224

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

  3. JusMishMash224

    HDTGM Classics Holiday Edition

    Deck the Halls is an Iconic Classic @hdtgm
  4. JusMishMash224

    Episode 202.5 - Minisode 202.5

    Hi! Did Paul Post the RAD car from the LA/Hollywood Parade? thx
  5. JusMishMash224

    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    instant hdtgm classic ep
  6. JusMishMash224

    Episode 102.5 — Minisode 102.5

    Will they do the whole episode in Sean Connery Voice?!
  7. JusMishMash224

    Episode 102.5 — Minisode 102.5

    I am so glad HDTGM is doing "Zardoz". One of the first "bad" movies I subjected myself too. Its going to be funny and weird for sure. #TMCMs @movieclubmovies
  8. JusMishMash224

    Episode 172 — Big Grande

    I agree I am in the Bay Area (Northern Cal) and its been a franchise with that logo for years. However the first time I saw the logo I did think it had something to do with Matt Besser. Great Show!!
  9. JusMishMash224

    Episode 183— Breakups

    It was good to hear this group talk about breakups. I have just started to get over my last relationship (took 8 months). This episode was a big help. Thanks
  10. JusMishMash224

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    weekend at bernies 2
  11. JusMishMash224

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    Chairman of the Board 1988 Carrot Top.. C.H.U.D. 1987, The Stuff 1986.
  12. JusMishMash224

    Christmas suggestions

    Better off Dead 1984 John Cusak, Santa Claus 1985 Dudley Moore, John Lithgo.
  13. JusMishMash224

    Episode 94 — Stalking An Old Nugget

    Hi, fan of the show. This was another good one. RIP MCA! thanks for all those thoughts and playing great tracks. I wanted to know one of the "Bros" mentioned a postseason 6-4 homerun from a player dubbed "NC-17". Who are you referencing? Albert PuJols?? Thank you
  14. JusMishMash224

    Episode 212 — I Had To

    Hi, I'm a fan of the show. This was another good one. Randy and Jason mentioned being very inspired by a certain Robin Williams Young Comedian Stand-up Special. ("Robin, Rodney Dangerfield, Harry Anderson; teamed up with a young comedian in their city/'scene'") Could you post this or give us the title? I would love to know what it was called, so I could watch it my self. I had similar experience after seeing Dana Carvey's 1995 Critic's Choice Stand-up Special. Which I do suggest to anyone who hasn't seen it. Thank You