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    EPISODE 122 - Death Spa: LIVE!

    I haven't finished listening to the podcast, but I had to add this in before I forget. A search of the web denies any fear of twins by respectible sites. However, some places on the web states that the fear of twins is aptly named Geminiphobia. This would be the fear that June was referring to when she was saying that they were playing on our fears. The fear of identical (or monozygotic) twins is Duomaieusiophobia (good luck pronouncing that, Paul). This would not be the fear June was talking about, as obviously, they are different genders and therefore not coming from the same zygote. Unless the brother was born a female and was a transgendered person who went through the complete sex reassignment surgery... that would be a weird twist on this movie, especially if June is right and he continues to dress as his sister sometimes.
  2. TracyComeau

    EPISODE 110 — The Island of Dr. Moreau

    I am appalled when movies vary significantly from their source material. Under this guise, The Island of Dr. Moreau is the worst movie ever made. And that includes I, Robot. Oddly enough, Wikipedia gives an amazing book synopsis. (http://en.wikipeda.org/wiki/The_Island_of_Doctor_Moreau). As you can see, if you read it, the book is actually a compelling tale. While it isn't the best of Wells' books, there are many interesting themes, that were completely left out of the movie. Moreau was exiled from London due to vivisection experimentation (why he is on the island to begin with, as well as how he goes about doing what he does). He then uses vivisection expansion experiments to make animals into humans and create his own society. He builds laws in order to prevent the animals from reverting, which they continually do, and it speeds up once he dies. The animals continually feel conflicted between wanting to become more than just their animal instincts while also wanting to give into their animal instincts. The deaths of both Moreau and Montgomery are much more completely explained and realistic (so far as that is possible in this story). The reason Prendick wants to leave is explained. And most importantly, Prendick finally leaves human society himself after returning to London because he finds that all humans are on the verge of reverting to their animalistic selves and cannot manage to watch. It Is such a shame that the cast destroyed what could have been an amazing reimagining of this tale.
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    EPISODE 110 — The Island of Dr. Moreau

    There was a great article in Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. They interviewed Stanley about why he left this movie and how it drove him out of the business. And basically, it was Val Kilmer that drove him so up a wall that he went to the studio and complained after three days how off the wall Kilmer's requests were, and they fired him. Even though I hated this movie, the article (which also covered Stanley's becoming an extra on the set, although he denies any attempts of sabotage) was completely fascinating.
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    Ghostbusters 2

    This would be an amazing review!
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    Escape from Tomorrow

    While it is new, it quickly made my "Worst Movie Ever Made" list, which is only three movies long now. I have told everyone I know to avoid it, but I would love to hear you guys review it
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    A classic b-movie that deserves to be reviewed