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  1. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 79 — Mary Holland, Our Close Friend

    I would buy that shirt! As long as it's less than $30...
  2. SpencerBridgman

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Thanks for this Scott.
  3. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 328 — Beatle Heaven

    Great ep. Never Meant is up there for me in terms of all time favourite songs so that was special. Also, A+ to Hanford as always.
  4. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 64 — Listeners, Our Close Friends

    My heart grew three sizes when I read that. Merry holidays hollywood handbook heads!
  5. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 51 — Gil Ozeri, Our Close Friend

    Nikki Glaser, What's the Dorner house for you?
  6. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 47 — Zoe Jarman, Our Close Friend

    Thanks for tracking that down Andy but I'm more interested in the "how screenshot? no arms" article. I've yet to find a foot operated camera that can capture the magic of the screen. An(d)y tips?
  7. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 42 — Sinbad, Our Close Friend

    I love lists too much not to share my personal top 5 guests (dead or alive): 5. Jake Fogelnest 4. Audrey Plaza 3. Dave Thomas 2. Sinbad 1. Scott Aukerman, Jeff Ulrich, Neil Casey, and Will Hines
  8. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 42 — Sinbad, Our Close Friend

    It makes me uncomfortable when engineers try to make jokes. #stayinyourlane jk that was sarcasm, I don't want to start a war.
  9. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 41 — Jason Nash, Our Close Friend

    Hey, hate to steer this conversation away from Sinisbad but did anybody see how much AV Club loved Andy Kneis? Congratulations Andy, you're more critically acclaimed than Audrey Plaza now.
  10. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 40 — Aubrey Plaza, Our Close Friend

    Wow Andy, points for sure. Also, good news for anyone who likes/liked my limericks, my job continues to be super boring leaving me with nothing to do but write up bullshit on my phone all day. Hollywood Handbook is a perfect show I've seen every show so trust me I know It's the pinnacle of the podcast Must better than Todd Glass or Smodcast And if you diasgree you're not my bro There once was a clown named Greggy Is he really a clown? Maybe On his "clown" charm he coasts And he likes his own posts That's just his style baby I tried to write one for Chanson but it proved too difficult to rhyme with. I guess I should make one for Andy now that he's HH royalty.
  11. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 39 — Sean O'Connor, Our Close Friend

    Finish your drink if engineer whoever (they're all the same) says something stupid
  12. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 39 — Sean O'Connor, Our Close Friend

    Haven't listened to the episode or read the comments (about to do so now) but I did write some limericks inspired by Patrick McMahon the other day at work so I'm going to drop these here.,, There once was a man named Hayes He did bicep curls for days So built he became That to maintain his fame He smalled his muscles and now Sammy Sosa he plays There once was a man named Sean He had both brains and brawn And when he did jokes It bussed up the folks (in a good way) Much more than the movie Don Jon These were super easy and definitely didn't take longer to come up with than I was expecting.
  13. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 38 — Matt Gourley, Our Close Friend

    If you're interested in seeing Matt's cat I would suggest watching his episode of drunk history.
  14. SpencerBridgman

    Episode 38 — Matt Gourley, Our Close Friend

    Guys I'm a little worried about Hayes, first the 'holding deal' fiasco and now this? I think those muscle reduction steroids might be affecting his brain muscle too...
  15. Also, just watched like for (four?) more of Spenny Benny's videos and I can confirm with Freja that he should definitely replace greggy (no offence). also drunk so don't judge if typos, or if post is dumb in general.